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  1. As i said at the main post, i just want than more ppl know my work .
  2. Hi guys! After some months, as i promised when i released it, i'm here for make public my first map. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?8d3umr46n9l9mts Why of this? Simple, when i released it a lot of guys told it was amazing, but i noticed than it didn't got popularity on the servers, then now i want than more guys know my job ^^. *I know some of you have it already, but now i fixed the original size, and now it's 2mb. I hope you enjoy it. Greetz. Jox.
  3. I've just defined it, and now it works Thank you a lot dude.
  4. Thanks, now setElementInterior works, but when i hit the marker i don't destroy the obtacles
  5. Thanks! But i don't know anything about lua :C Look, i wrote this but it didn't work: Can you write a right code? please.
  6. You're one of my favourite mappers, Roald.
  7. Hello! Look, i have this simple function: objectName = createObject (objectID, posX, posY, posZ, rotationX, rotationY, rotationZ) I need to create an invisible object and after destroy it hitting a marker, then i need to create it with that function. My question is simple, How can i add interior and doubleside to this fuction? Greetz .
  8. Hey. I have a problem, i made a map and it's size is 3.7 mb, so is impossible to play it at any server, i can't think for a solution. So... Please help me guys. regards :]
  9. Maybe i'll make this map public later, but for the moment it isn't avaible on any server
  10. Joxte.~

    HELP please

    1. lol u stupid hater 2. Gracias de verdad (:
  11. i love this style maps, i like your maps zakna
  12. Hey. I'm here to present you my first map, i hope ypu like it. Watch it on 720p. Thanks.
  13. Joxte.~

    HELP please

    ey, i want to moddify an object but i can't find its txd file, i just found its dff file in gta_int.img file, but i can't find its txd :C the object is called "steps", its id is "13644" please help :[
  14. Joxte.~


    really that does not work ):
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