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  1. Huh, ok. A good-soccer-related spanish song it's "Gol" from "Cali & El Dandee". I'm thinking on putting the translation for let others understand it.
  2. Hey, more shaders? It's good but you can do anything more
  3. I swear chilean league doesn't have only 3 teams, ftw.
  4. FIRST: Movie can be linked SECOND: Spam, spam and... guess what? SPAM! Seriously: We need anything to do for win people here
  5. Yes... diegofkda, can you say chilenian teams?
  6. instead of (idon'tremember)x(idon'tremember) (idon'tremember(x6))x(idon'tremember(x6))
  7. That isn't really the good. Look @ minecraft forums... The problem are that here, on the forums, aren't a very big amount of things to do; for that all people go to B.L.A.S.T. . Make some more non-MTA sections; i know (e.g.) Habbo webfans that have more subforums that Habbo-related have, and it wasn't a problem! Here go some examples: Music Art Design / Pixel Art or whatever not related to MTA Culture, Sciences and Societies Sports Games non-GTA related Cars / Bikes Computer / Software no warez / Hardware Funnies / Jokes / Parodies / Memes Videos / Youtube Social Networks / Internet Computers and Internet aren't the same
  8. Nothing, i was swearing you was argentinan. Didn't look your location lol Well, we can do a list of teams to write in the player's market, ibut i need help doing it; i don't know clubs for every country: say me the teams that are on your country then i will attempt to do it. OK: I'vefound this on a spanish sports page; an irani player got an yellow card and look what happens latter... http://www.marca.com/tv/?v=9FaigHHuW59
  9. It won't output nothing. I'll gonna test it now; howewer run math.random(7) works
  10. (text-removed; later releasing) Hi, i've do a little script to when someone's killed, a random message appears. But that don't work:ç --[[ ]]-- function randomMessageKill(killer, killerWeapon, bodypart) local player = getLocalPlayer() local R_N = math.random(7) -- we put 7 possibilities of message if R_N == 1 then --we start outputChatBox("n") elseif R_N == 2 then outputChatBox("n") elseif R_N == 3 then outputChatBox("n") elseif R_N == 4 then outputChatBox("n") elseif R_N == 5 then outputChatBox("n") elseif R_N == 6 then outputChatBox("n") elseif R_N == 7 then call(getResourceFromName("msgbox"), "guiShowMessageBox", "n", n, "n") end end addEventHandler("onPlayerWasted", getRootElement(), randomMessageKill)
  11. I agree too. I barely can get entertained looking this.
  12. Yay that's having life @lil_Toady: Footbal can be american. Really it's football, yes; but it acn cause confussion @diegofkda: You are chilen or argentinan? @Z3RB14N: I support Royal Madrid and Hercules CF, being that last from the place i live in (Alicante). My favourite international teams are AC Milan, and M.City. Ofcourse, i do support Spanish Selection, Argentinan and Brazilian too.
  13. Lol, maybe was me A firewall protecting to see that? That happened to me, but i'm not secure if that is causing the problem, atleast mine was.
  14. WOW, MOAR than AWESOME! Downloading NOW. EDIT: It's anyway to make the info permanent?
  15. Hi. Because i don't like scripting or anything else, I will love to talk someone about soccer, that, (appart of music gta san andreas counter-strike minecraft spotify) is my love and my life. The problem is AFAIK here aren't so much soccer addicts So if i'm wrong, We can discute (?) things about soccer.
  16. Sorry for get in, but I'm thinking on a gui for MTA Server.
  17. How you did to make the image full-screen without the black bar? Say please Anyways this looks very well, i wanna more!
  18. No, los colores ocupan espacio, es imposible que quepa, por ejemplo con mi nombre, #FF0000[AC]#0000FFSpanish4Life (por ejemplo). ¿Entiendes?
  19. Maybe he's using chinese or anything else, everyone knows that Unicode chars in console look like sh*t
  20. no uses windows xp piratas u_u ¿Tienes otras cuentas de usuario? Puede estar abierto el gta, CTRL+ALT+SUPR > Procesos > Ver procesos de todos los usuarios y miras ¿Has probado a cambiar los atributos?
  21. Wow Amazingly the test amended (a) fail awesome kiwi? no sense xDDDDDDDDDDDDD RENFE
  22. http://i-wanna-a-lol.net23.net/ had my web copyed to spam it on #mta
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