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  1. The game is not fun to play when the ping is over 100-150, otherwise it is fine.
  2. Hello, I am F-22, a member of the clan Neon Multigaming. I would like to present to you the Neon Carball server. The server is online for a few years now, but we recently started to see it lacks a few players at certain hours, and figured some advertisement would bring more people to our awesome server. First, I will present some of its history: At the 13th of March, 2011, our member Tjong released NeoN FuN, at the time a famous MTA server with several different gamemodes for all kinds of preferences. The huge variety of gamemodes became Neon Fun's signature feature and brought
  3. F-22

    help with handling

    Nope, its the same... The steering should work like in a forklift, on the back wheels...
  4. F-22

    help with handling

    It still wont work, now not even in play
  5. Hello! Im having some trouble with changing handling. When i start the script, it works in the play gamemode, but it does not want to work in race. function handling ( ) for _,veh in pairs(getElementsByType("vehicle")) do if getElementModel(veh) == 541 then setVehicleHandling(veh, "handlingFlags", 0x284020) end end end addEventHandler ( "onPlayerVehicleEnter", getRootElement(), handling ) It just wont work in race
  6. F-22


    It dosent work for me Do I put it client or server?
  7. F-22


    Door = createObject ( -2897.587890625, 494.71667480469, 5.4137649536133 ) addEventHandler("onResourceStart", getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()), function (resource) local doorCube = createColCube(-2897.587890625, 494.71667480469, 5.4137649536133, 6, 10, 4) addEventHandler("onColShapeHit", doorCube, onDoorCubeHit) addEventHandler("onColShapeLeave", doorCube, ondoorCubeLeave) end) function onDoorCubeHit(hitElement, matchingDimension) if (getElementType(hitElement) == "player") then if (not isDoorOpen(Door)) then moveObject ( Door, 30
  8. F-22


    I know how to make some scripts(Race scripts, like speed boost)... But it's the first time I make RPG map...
  9. F-22


    erm, I'm not so good whit scripts... Can You write it, and I only enter coordinates? plz
  10. F-22


    How could I make this script: http://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/SetGarageOpen Be able to work whit any object(You get to plasticsgate and it moves when you aproach)
  11. F-22

    Moving objects

    Hi! I'd like to make some objects, that would move, when you are close to them(no commands). And how to make them only move when you are admin?
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