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  1. I did, look at my first post
  2. Where did u place it? U need to place it under deatchmatch/modules
  3. I cant go ingame becose the mysql cant connect so if i click on login nothing happens and give me error's in the server window I cant open the chat ingame so i tried to type in in the server window but he says : Incorrect client for this command! I now that i can put debugscript in the acl on true but on what cattegory i neet to put it? rpc? This is the log file of my server =========================================================== = Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas v1.0.5 =========================================================== = Server name : Default MTA server = Server IP a
  4. Hi im working on a respawn script And i want to add that after you respawn u still got your weapons But i cant find any thing in the script what take's your weapons away? Cant find a thing on wiki so i post my question here Regards Ferriej
  5. Pff,,, More people have some ideas what i can try ?
  6. Als je al zo begingt Denk ik dat hulp ver te zoeken is
  7. Yes im sure Becose the mysql cant connect he automatic turns the recourse off Do i need to make a special my sql group in the acl file like this <group name="mysql"> <acl name="mysql" /> <object name="resource.mysql" /> I have tried but this is also not working
  8. Ok done <group name="Admin"> <acl name="Admin" /> <acl name="Moderator" /> <acl name="RPC" /> <object name="resource.admin" /> <object name="resource.mysql" /> Thats what i have done but he still saying acces denied mysql_connect I have done so much to make it work but it just won't do it in the mysql folder there is another .lua file s_mysql.lua username = "mta" password = "12345" db = "mta" host = "localhost" port = 3306 function getMySQLUsername() return username end func
  9. i cant come in game becose i cant login its all connected to db Can i put it in acl.xml without going ingame? I see the login panel but if i click on log in server give me error : Acces denied mysql_connect
  10. Hi! Got some problems with my server, I have a local mysql server, but when im connecting server to it it wont connect! He give's me this error [2011-07-22 11:44:07] WARNING: mysql\connection.lua:16: Access denied @ 'mysql_connect' [2011-07-22 11:44:08] ERROR: call: Failed, the resource mysql isn't running [string "?"] I tried to get another connection script but it wont help, At the moment the script cant connect he turn automatic the resource mysql off! what im doing wrong here?? This is the connection.lua -- connection settings local hostname = get( "hostname" ) or "localhost"
  11. Ok ok it works! But now he showing his self on the minimap(radar) I want that its only showed on the big f11 map, I tried everything also createblip recources but they all show there blips on both maps
  12. If i set the dimension in 1, and the interrior in 2 i come in a barber shop! i get the popup dont dont see the city hall? What do i need to do?
  13. Ok if made the meta.xml, in the format u use the server say's : Could not parse meta! What it means i dont know but i changed it in: <meta> <script src="icons.lua"/> </meta> Now he dont give me the error I create icons.lua with this code : Emmetgun createBlip ( float 1366.7922363281, float -1274.9412841797, float -1274.9412841797, [int icon=0, int size=2, int r=255, int g=0, int b=0, int a=255, int ordering=0 *, float visibleDistance=99999.0, visibleTo = getRootElement()] i start the recourse from the server its running but i dont see the icon in the f1
  14. Hi! Im new with scripting on mta and i use a resource mabako-services its making the payn&respray work & ammonition on the server! its only showed on the minimap if u are close to it I learned how i make the icons with Createblip But were i need to place it in? Can i create a resources that i can start thats shows all icons than? or must i place it in the script himself? I dont need all help with it because if somebody do it for me i cant do it for myself lol Srry for my bad english Regards Ferriejxl
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