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  1. Our access has been disabled by OVH, it's gonna be sorted out on Monday morning.
  2. I'm sorry but, who said we are dead? Since Monday we are under strong DDoS attack on France machine, and there is no data we can access at the moment. Other servers shouldn't be affected, the only thing is you can't access the panel.
  3. MTA:SA servers are back to stock. Order your servers while there is some free space left!
  4. Hello! We are aware that our servers are out of stock for a longer period now, that's why we are happy to announce that we have ordered a new 16 GB Intel i7 dedicated server in France, Roubaix! We are expecting it to be ready by Wednesday when MTA:SA servers will be back, ever better, faster and stronger! For everyone choosing JiHost as his new MTA:SA hosting solution, we are willing to give 20% discount! More information soon, stay tuned.
  5. Action! Move your server from other host to JiHost.co.uk, and profit double! Use discount code JI10, get 10% off your next purchase and get your server hosted on high quality hardware, with custom control panel, superb support and instant activation! Don't forget, we want everyone to be able to pay, that's why we enabled over three payment methods, including OneBip (mobile phone credit) and PayPal / AlertPay (credit cards & bank accounts). What are you waiting for, order your server now! Get more, pay less! JiHost.co.uk - where quality is cheaper!
  6. I'll repeat myself again, we are running of their dedicated server, dedicated server domVPS is using, but our system is running on 3 GB RAM, with 6 cores and unlimited 1 gbps bandwidth. We are always making sure our locations are not overloaded, you should have no fear!
  7. They will provide you with a username and password and you will be able to control your server over command line. If you are not experienced with linux and command line, I suggest you purchase a game hosting from one of the listed companies.
  8. Guy with the worse grammar ever moving from the community to community trying to destroy other hosts because he is greedy and his one failed. Why? Click. I suggest you open IV:MP topic once again, and read Cameron's post. Let me quote it for you: Thank you.
  9. if you pay from jihost your server Will work after 29 days of your purchase it Please note, it's not our problem that you do not know how to operate with FileZilla client. As you have requested, we have issued a refund.
  10. JiHost.co.uk is accepting onebip payments. You can pay using your mobile phone credit.
  11. You are probably using wrong details while identifying. Your ticket was replied with required information.
  12. This is not our support forum, just open up a support ticket we'll take a look at it!
  13. He has to restart his server over our control panel.
  14. Your friends ticket regarding this issue was updated.
  15. MTA:SA servers are now back to stock! You can now order at our brand new location, Netherlands!
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