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  1. [HELP]I want to enlarge private chat

    Which number are you trying to change? And use debugscript to see if you get an error.
  2. Chatting on multiple servers

    You must use HTTP port (so according to default MTA configuration, it's 22005. Use the one that you put in mtaserver.conf under httpport attribute)
  3. Chatting on multiple servers

    You can bind it like so: bindKey("G", "down", "chatbox", "Global") addCommandHandler("Global", function() -- stuff end )
  4. Chatting on multiple servers There's an example (Example #2).
  5. local result, num_rows_affected = dbPoll(dbQuery(userdata_db,"SELECT * FROM masterdata WHERE username = ?",username),-1) if num_rows_affected ~= 0 then outputChatBox("#afafaf[#f9a52fSA:MP#afafaf] #f9a52fVeritabanina bir veri eklenmedi.",root,255,255,255,true) else dbExec(userdata_db,"INSERT INTO masterdata VALUES (?,?,?,?,?)",username,serial,ip,'',oyuncu) end
  6. Because dbQuery returns a handle, with which you can get data from a table using dbPoll. It waits until you use it, so if you free it, it would work. dbExec only executes query, therefore returns nothing.
  7. Use dbExec( userdata_db, "INSERT INTO masterdata VALUES (?,?,?,?,?)",username,serial,ip, '',oyuncu)
  8. Problem rotating player/peds

  9. Hello dear GTX,

    I heard that you are a professional scripter, so i decide to call u so you can work on my server, you will get paid but how much do u want?

    1. GTX


      I'm sorry, I'm too busy.

    2. Edrian


      Oh no problem

  10. Project Beast - Login Panel Revelation

    The animations are much faster in-game and there'll be an auto-login. I don't know, the video may had been slowed down a little.
  11. I would like to show you a glimpse of a future server I am developing - Project Beast. This is made purely with drawing functions, there is no CEF involved. More information here:
  12. It's useless and not worth it. If he wants to create objects client side, he can just send data from server and create them - and it's most safest way too.
  13. I didn't try with 50 players yet. I tried with 10 and it worked really good. I got bandwidth set to 2 MB. I don't think downloading 1 MB file will cause lag.
  14. Race Problem

    That happens if you destroy player's vehicle. Maybe your script is doing it or one of your friends is trolling you (if he's an admin).
  15. Question

    Yes, but you need to attach it somehow if your window is movable.