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  1. This script gets a person to a certain team. But when the person logs out and logs in again he isn't in that team anymore. Help? local lalis = getAccountData(getPlayerAccount(source),"team") local team = getTeamFromName (tostring(lalis)) setPlayerTeam (source, "team")
  2. dashe123


    I think I have a similar question. What should I do so all the servers data like characters, money locations saves into MySQL database?
  3. All rights reserved © 2011 dashe123 If u want to use this idea in your server u have to pay me 5$. lol joke.
  4. My friend told me about XAMPP. Maybe it's a better way to make database but when I tried it I didn't understand where can I edit tables, password,database name, etc.
  5. Can anyone tell me more about MTA MySQL? Do I have to download MySQL installer or MTA already has some kind of database? How do I add tables and edit them? How do I edit MySQL password, user, database name, etc?
  6. I'm sorry if you feel disgusted or smth. lol
  7. Can someone explain whats happening and how to fix that? BTW I'm new at making MTA server. I know there's something wrong with database but I can't figure out how to make it or edit it. I already tried http://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Mysql [2011-07-30 00:34:56] ERROR: Unable to connect to mysql: (2003) Can't connect to MySQL server on 'localhost' (10061) [2011-07-30 00:34:56] ERROR: sql\mysql.lua:42: Connection to MySQL Failed. [2011-07-30 00:34:56] Server shutdown as requested by resource sql (MySQL failed to connect.) [2011-07-30 00:34:56] Start up of resource sql cancelled by
  8. Greets. I want to learn LUA language by myself but I can't understand a thing. I read MTA Wiki a lot but all I can do is write a simple script using an example. I want to learn make scripts without any help or examples. How do I start scripting without anyone helping? Tips? HELP!?!??
  9. How do I make a pissing stream coming out of players di**? Cuz now he's just standing and holding his balls.
  10. Hey guys. I need some help. I want to make a script which makes the player want to pee every hour and if he doesn't pee in 30 minutes his health starts to decrease every minute until he dies or pees to reload the peeing timer. To pee the player should type a command /pee (start peeing animation). After peeing the "time to pee" is reloaded to zero and the player is free from peeing for one hour and so on. Can anyone help me make a script or give me the right functions or tips? Hope u understand what I want. PS. sorry for a disturbing and yellow topic.
  11. Greetings. Internet is full of "kill and get exp" scripts but how do I make a script which gives exp for a player every minute for just running and driving?
  12. dashe123

    Team skin

    function given up dosnt work as it should...
  13. dashe123

    Team skin

    I don't get it. For some reason I get " bad arguments @ 'getelementmodel' " in the console.
  14. dashe123

    Team skin

    yeah but what should I do so when I leave the team my skin changes from teams' skin to my main skin/the skin I had before joining the team?
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