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  1. I'm here, delete this account please. Is anything more needed?
  2. I agree, colors in server's name sucks.
  3. drk

    help please

    Remove tonumber from xmlFindChild, it's already triggered as number. Anyway, wait for other person, I'm not going to post here because some retardeds will start saying some shits like Solidsnaka.
  4. drk

    help please

    elseif ( source == ButtonBuyHouse ) then local nHouse = guiGetText ( housenumber ); triggerServerEvent ( 'HouseSystemBuyHouse', localPlayer, tonumber ( nHouse ) ); end server side : addEvent("HouseSystemBuyHouse",true) addEventHandler ("HouseSystemBuyHouse", getRootElement(), function(housenumber) local root = xmlLoadFile ("homes.xml") local houseHeadRootNode = xmlFindChild (root,"houses",0) local houseRootNode = xmlFindChild (houseHeadRootNode,"house",tonumber(housenumber)) local price = xmlNodeGetAttribute (houseRootNode,"cost") local owner = xmlNodeGetAt
  5. drk


    You don't like "Are you sure you never called? You must pay more attention in what you say ^^" ?? If not, why when I say something about, you say the same "I don't want to argue with you" ?? Anyway, I will not lost my time with you, it's a waste.
  6. drk


    Are you sure you never called? You must pay more attention in what you say ^^ I can't test scripts in my machine because it sucks and if you have missed something already, why don't you just shut up? And maybe I have somethings wrong because I made it fast, I said it's correct?
  7. drk


    First, why don't you stop calling others "KID" when you're one, Solidsnaka? Second, I forgot "Your table contained strings, not numbers.", what the problem? You never missed something? Third, "You had "rAreas" instead of "gAreas" in the second loop." LOL? Fourth, You don't need the fucking onClientResourceStart event.
  8. drk


    You're wrong and Aibo too First, in your code, values is nil. And Aibo, I tested it some times. You don't need create functions first, believe me. I can show the part of my GangWar where I add handlers first and then functions and work.
  9. drk


    That's not a problem, it works.
  10. drk


    local rAreas = { }; local gAreas = { }; local tRedAreas = { { fX = 200, fY = 100, fWidth = 500, fHeight = 500 }; { fX = 300, fY = 50, fWidth = 250, fHeight = 300 }; } local tGreenAreas = { { fX = 200, fY = 100, fWidth = 500, fHeight = 500 }; { fX = 300, fY = 50, fWidth = 250, fHeight = 300 }; } for _, rArea in pairs ( tRedAreas ) do rAreas[_] = createColRectangle ( rArea.fX, rArea.fY, rArea.fwidth, rArea.fHeight ); addEventHandler ( 'onColShapeHit', rAreas[_], onRectangleHit ); addEventHandler ( 'onColShapeLeave', rAreas[_], onRectangleLeave
  11. "what could be the easieast way for me, to make it without crashing server?" MySQL? MySQL doesn't crash the server. "the problem i have is to convert server to run in mysql, first of all, is here any1 who could tell me how to get simple user panel, which is made to mysql" I have two, not mine, I never looked into the code, I will see if it uses MySQL. -- If you need help with MySQL, just post here and we help
  12. Debug the script or you think we need do all for you? lol
  13. No, yours have two times "if ( tVehicles [ getPedOccupiedVehicle ( thePlayer ) ] ) then". A copy of my example and the changed code with "if ...".
  14. drk

    LAG! Windows 8, HELP?

    This happens to me too, it's a Windows 8 compatibility issue.
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