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  1. The message is shown via a function "showMessage" that is defined in [race]/race/util_server.lua. It uses TextCreateTextItem to actually show it, but that function does not support font selection. Either you will have to rewrite the function "showMessage" and related functions to hide it again using a function like DxDrawText or create a new similar message display/hiding system using mentioned function to use that one instead of "showMessage".
  2. eAi is not your slave . He and the error message have given you enough information to find your mistake: Godmother\Fraktionen\Mafia\russia.lua:17 This is not only the path and filename of the file where the error is in, behind the colon it tells you the line number!
  3. Hmm, I now think it seems to be cached globally on the computer and when downloaded filtered based on the version you're running. Because I went through all MTA versions (1.0.5, 1.1, 1.2) to test something else and it now shows up the release news for the older versions in 1.3, too. But if you never had used MTA before and install 1.3 it apparently wont show any news at all, is that intended by the devs?
  4. Hi folks, Quite long ago already I noticed that MTA doesn't show the latest news in the main menu properly anymore. On my laptop (Windows 7 Home Professional, previously "Kaspersky Security Suite CBE 11" as Anti-Virus software, firewall & etc. but recently replaced with Microsoft Security Essentials & Windows Firewall) it originally showed news that also were up to date, but the "latest" entry in the meantime is "Version 1.2 is out", even though the version number in the main menu reads 1.3 . On my desktop computer (Windows XP MCE SP3, MSSE & Windows Firewall) I even see no new
  5. I'm trying to do exactly that, but it fails because the button for the flags does not appear anymore. Debugscript outputs a relevant message: WARNING: editor_gui\client\me_gui.lua:172: Bad file path @ 'guiStaticImage' [] Version string of the server is "MTA:SA Server v1.3-release-4400". EDIT: Oh well, the lack of any documentation on how to do the path creation in the editor made me forget I had to scroll the mouse when I'm hovering over the default icons for objects, markers, etc.. I now at least have the generic icon that shows up when the actual Icon can't be loaded. But the point t
  6. My apologies if I annoy you with this, but since I didn't get any reaction on it yet after a whole month I somewhat want to draw your attention (after all our software developer at work also asks us to send them a mail when we submit a ticket or update notes): If I create a marker and listen for its onClientMarkerHit event (clientside, duh) it works alright and as expected, but if create the same marker with a handler to onMarkerHit attached to it (serverside...) I have to raise it by a few digits and have it floating to work as expected. Can anybody confirm this behavior? I think I should'v
  7. @BinSlayer1: So the software quality characteristic maintainability is just based on laziness? @arezu and CrystalMV: Thinking about it again that is actually the better idea, since I also change the palyer's dimension in a second script. I suggested that in my first post to point out that I could've written that myself, but thanks though.
  8. @Kenix: For a test I created a new resource. It only contains your code, plus this: addCommandHandler("dimension", function(commandName, arg1) arg1 = tonumber(arg1) if (arg1 ~= nil) then setElementDimension(getLocalPlayer(), arg1) else outputChatBox("You need to provide a number as argument!") end end) If I now ingame use the command, my dimension is changed, however I do not get the message from your event handler. Also, there is no error output (that would show up with /debugscript 3). @BinSlayer1: That's not the point, it is that I wouldn't w
  9. @Kenix: That wont work. Like I said, when the "dimension" attribute of an element changes, the event "onClientElementDataChange" is NOT triggered. @BinSlayer1: I guess that's my only option then (apart from the loop I mentioned above). I actually wanted to keep resources separate so that if I were to use a foreign resource I don't have to keep changing the scripts when I download an update, but in this special case the other resource is actually mine as well. Oh, and thank you for the quick answers.
  10. Hi fellow scripters, basing on the dimension a player is in I want to use the in MTA 1.3 new functions removeWorldModel and restoreWorldModel, and automatically do that when an other resource changes the player's dimension. Is there an event that gets triggered when a player(/element) changes the dimension? I tried the following code, but if I get it right then that only works with custom data attributes (those ones that are not posX, dimension, etc., for example added with "setElementData ( thePlayer, "tempdata.originalnick", sPlayerNickname )") and it doesn't work: addEventHandler ( "onCl
  11. Well, no. Like in my first quote, it does tell you the command it binds to the key, but it doesn't tell about the parameters.
  12. No, these commands: bind 5 spawncar 520 bind 5 down spawncar 520 bind 5 down "spawncar 520" all output: And: bind 5 "down" "spawncar 520" Outputs: EDIT: Uh, yeah. It works with the non-Num 5... but still the response of the console is misleading as far as I see it.
  13. Short question: Is there any way to bind a command with a parameter to a key from the ingame console or the chat? Similar to: /bind c "spawncar 520" ... which of course does not work, otherwise I wouldn't be asking . This only binds the command "spawncar" to the key. I'm afraid though that the answer is going to be no .
  14. It appears that the quite short time interval of the timer struggled the server. As soon as I commented out the call of the observeRcDummy function the network troubles stopped appearing. I now increased the time interval and it seems to work better.
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