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  1. Searching for a Domain.

    I've been using GoDaddy for over a year now. Around 6 months ago I bought my 2nd domain from them as they still were one of the cheapest on the market. Their prices are very good, and the support is also phenomenal! I can only recommend them.
  2. I'm awaiting my server too. Tried making a ticket, and contacting 3 guys they got under Contact Us. One of them accepted me on skype, and when I asked if he worked for Sane Hosting he either blocked me/went offline. Seems like a scam now..
  3. [Sell] Multigamemode

    Show us some screenshots. You surely didn't make it if you're selling it for 5 euros. And even if it works then I'm 100% sure it will have a lot of bugs.
  4. How to blur bg? ... ls&id=7349 ?
  5. Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.3.3 released!

    Nice! Good job, already installed.
  6. I wouldn't trust n30x either.

    Sorry to say it, But this looks very ameteur. I'd prefer a host who is having a proper english and a good and easy website.
  8. Reporting -a7x-

    Hello, I'd just like to share my opinion about this server and all I have to say is that I think it's a disgrace by a7x. Well, I'd hope something would happen to this, but I doubt it but if so, I'd like to support it and come with my opinion. FIrst off, I'm the owner of Pure Skillz (pS) and I have tried to contact the owner of a7x who is called ThyphoN also called Mértcan Akßulut owner of a very cheap server company called SpeedyServers. I started off by asking him to remove our healthbar from his server, and so his answer was that he could remove it, but he wouldn't do it. Afterwards I came upon their website called and I realized that not only our healthbar but also our homepage had been stolen from us. I told him to remove it since I was having copyrights on it, which he also had removed and putted his own onto it. In the end I got him to remove it, but today when I logged on I had people saying it was up there again, And of course it was. ThyphoN by now blocked me on skype I assume, since his scared to face it. This was all I had to say. Sincerely, Rextox Leader of Pure Skillz
  9. Server list spam

    Hello, I have a report here. I want to report a server called ~pS| - [Race][DM][DD] - Pure Skills - IP: mtasa:// It is using my old clans tag which I defenitely want removed since me and my old clan worked hard for the clan tag. To give it a good reputation. I want something done to theese fakers. - Peace.
  10. Vehicle Weapons

    Hey Scripters! This is my first script, but somehow it won't work.. The script should make so vehicle weapons will be turned on at map start. vwontext = get("vwontext") vwoncolor = get("vwoncolor") vwofftext = get("vwofftext") vwoffcolor = get("vwoffcolor") addEvent("onMapStarting") addEventHandler("onMapStarting", getRootElement(), function(mapInfo) if string.find(, "[DM]", 1, true) or mapInfo.modename == "Sprint" then vwon() else vwoff() end end) function vwon() for theKey,thePlayer in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do setElementData( thePlayer, "overrideVehicleWeapons.uniqueblah", 0, false ) outputChatBox(vwoncolor..vwontext,thePlayer,186,212,71,true) end end function vwoff() for theKey,thePlayer in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do setElementData(thePlayer, "overrideVehicleWeapons.uniqueblah", nil, false ) outputChatBox(vwoffcolor..vwofftext,thePlayer,255,255,255,true) end end I only says the output text, allthrough it says the text that it's on.. But actually it isnt.. Either in DD/Fun maps where it says it's disabled. They aren't. I hope you understand me!