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    No custom rims

    Hello, Well i see my custom rims in-game without any textures (just white). In Single-Player they work well. I guess its a problem with edited veh_mods.ide since MTA dosent allow custom files (well it does, but if you enable option you cant join any servers). If theres a way to fix that, pls tell me. (dont tell my to delete veh_mods.ide and restore default rims, becouse i think i would already done that if I would want to) If theres no way to fix that I would like to be fixed in next update (If MTA allowes costom vehicles, why no costom rims) If thats not possable, then tnx for reading an
  2. Can you PM link to me. Like i said before i wont upload it.
  3. If anyone still got this script pls give upload
  4. There are already hundreds of servers running DM mode whats original of that like every shooter game has it... And they are still popular
  5. No, sorry. You could pay for that script. Ask someone experienced. OR YOU COULD LEARN TO SCRIPT We need seriously more good scripters around here Where can i learn to script. And does it take long to learn?
  6. Yea we know. I could do it but I don't want to BUT SHOULDN'T BE RELEASED EVER!!! ): could you fix it and then mail it to me? I wont post it public or anythink like that. i would just play for lan server, since its boring with 2 or 3 players on it...
  7. What bad about many servers haveing the mod... It would be great for real life modes. The script you are asking for does indeed exist, it was originally made by lil_Toady, however it has never been released. The script did require a LOT from the server, and crashed the server quickly because mta wasnt able of handling so many peds at the same time. Well maibe someone could fix / or create new one, wich would not make server crash. If it would be released then it would be one of the best scripts. Think about it. Real life server with ped cops + player cops and for criminals harder to esc
  8. Well Ps2 has Co-op camera mod installed on original game. For pc it would be the same just no Coop camera (since the other player will be having his own computer + screen). Hope you understand what im trying to get here .
  9. What bad about many servers haveing the mod... It would be great for real life modes.
  10. Well me and my friend are looking for a mod that is like normal single player, but he can join into it (dont need missions) im just looking for mod with citizens, cops. like ps2 when you can coop. If there is already an existing mod then this would be geat. Hope you understand me. Thank you.
  11. When I move a short distance every texture disappear and after some secounds it reload. That happen every time. At first i thoug it was something wrong with GTA:SA so i reinstalled it and it worked for some time and then I insert some HD Textures (Main Weapons,Hydra and Hunter). Than textures started to disappear and reload after some secounds. It works perfect on single player, It bugs only in MTA. If theres a solution to fix this pls tell me. And I realy dont want to lose my textures.
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