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  1. You mean reallife money? if you mean reallife money, no, but, they will be administrator, and get ig money, not reallife, no chance for pay rl money
  2. Trucking Server need scripter for making new works (missions), new commands, server IP is:, contact in server JuSt or ShadowDragon[VC] (me), thanks.
  3. It was objects, like tunnels with so much colors, or what, you dont have it if when you download your MTA. so i need a MAP, what i can download, when i upload it in MTA, and open, they autodownload new objects.
  4. I want, but i dont have ROLEPLAY objects, i need roleplay map, for auto-download roleplay objects.
  5. ShadowDragon


    Anyone from mappers here have maked ROLEPLAY map with MTA, upload it at www.megaupload.com and post here site please, i really need ROLEPLAY objects in my MTA, Thanks
  6. Lock topic please, problem fixed - reinstalled GTA, reinstalled MTA and now works, thanks
  7. I will post it in 2-3 days, because im not in my house now at my own comp where i have this problem, please dont lock this topic, i will post it, Thanks
  8. ShadowDragon

    all servers list

    MTA servers? MTA is not for making servers, it was for making new maps, new roads etc.
  9. here is infos about my graphic card/driver: Driver provider ATI Technologies Inc. Driver Date: 13.8.2009 Driver Version: 8.650.0.0 if you mean that, help me
  10. First tell me how to see my Graphic Driver, and i will tell u...
  11. So, thanks but, i installed both, and don't work, i tried install/reinstall it yesterday 6 times and nothing happend, i dont know what is wrong with my MTA....
  12. Yes, im entering in SA-MP - servers, and normal singleplayer game without any problems, but i don't know what is wrong with my MTA
  13. So here is true images: http://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z43 ... 5-32-1.jpg - first image with open window, and here is second image, to this position load and stop loading, and see message http://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z43 ... 5-60-1.jpg help me
  14. Hello dear players, mappers, scripters or newbies, i need a help, i really dont know what happend with my MTA, i am mapper at server, i need using MTA but i cant, there is my problem: when i double click at icon, they open it, and when i click MAP EDITOR, they start loading my GTA, but come at 1/2 and i see one message, i dont know what need to do, message like that: Title: MTA: San Andreas Windows - Application Error and message: The instrucion at 0x005b6b2f referenced memory at 0x000002d0. The memory could not be writen. and down message: Click on OK to terminate the program. If u dont u
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