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  1. tkillaaahh

    Not receiving password reset email

    I'm having the same issue, never recieve an email for this my username is "True_Killuminati"
  2. tkillaaahh

    no password email

    Is it normal that you don't recieve a password recovery email from ?
  3. Hello, I'm sorry if this is posted in the wrong topic but i need someone of the mta community staff I forgot my password for and requested a new password by email. I tried it a few times but didn't recieved an email. I couldn't find any help page and also here on the forum i cant really find anything related to this issue. Please tell me what to do or where to go for this thank you!
  4. tkillaaahh

    CIT Project offline, why??

    so eventually they will come back online? what are botnets? thanks for telling this
  5. tkillaaahh

    CIT Project offline, why??

    that website to is offline, cant find anything
  6. tkillaaahh

    CIT Project offline, why??

    hello, i just noticed that CIT project isn't in the serverlist of mta anymore, can anybody help me with this? why is it offline, and when will it come back online? thanks