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  1. So, do you know it ?..
  2. Hello folks, i wanna open a local server for training, but i don't know where should i put maps and scripts, and i don't know how to start a gamemode , so please help me if u know how ..
  3. I've uploaded some maps and scripts there, but shows ERROR , and i dont know how to start a gamemode ..
  4. Yes, but when i join its a black screen, without a gamemode " DD or DM " i am dd player and i uploaded some DD maps, but doesn't work.
  5. Hey guys, can you help me about creating a local server with MTA:SA 1.1, i know working creating local server on old MTA versions, but on the new , i don't know how, so help me please, if there is a video how to .. then send the link.. please ^^
  6. Hello guys, i wonder to ask you how to make MTA without drift smoke, because when i drift or driving fast in MTA, it smokes a lot and causes lagg... Can you tell me , how to make it ?
  7. DragoN123

    Internet lag!

    Processor model: AMD Sempron Processor ___________________________________________________
  8. DragoN123

    Internet lag!

    I tried it but dont works.. i tried to restart my pc too but again dont works.. lag after 5 mins ...
  9. DragoN123

    Internet lag!

    And if i restart my pc , again first 5 mins its good without laggs, but then ... laggs starts
  10. DragoN123

    Internet lag!

    It was "Lan" and i changed it to "DSL" but dont works , when i wanna connect to any server it shows that i joined but then it don't downloads the running resources and i cannot play..
  11. DragoN123

    Internet lag!

    My connection setting is "Lan".
  12. DragoN123

    Internet lag!

    Edited the connection? I don't understand you.. please explain me .. or make screens ..
  13. DragoN123

    Internet lag!

    I have a problem with my MTA, if i join to a server that ok for the first 5 minutes, then i have a big lags that come in 5 second then left me then again have a big lag and i don't know why .. my pc performance is good ... my internet performance is good too...If anyone have suggestion for that please post there! PC performance: RAM = 1GB Processor: 1.60ghz Video Card: 1GB HD Internet performance: 10mbps download 3mbps upload
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