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  1. hi! what hosting solution is good(no lagg).?
  2. any 1 know mta server hosting solution that support psc? because i dont have credit card and i cant get it from my parents they dont want to give it to me. .
  3. still dont work for me. where is your server hosted in what country?
  4. i try to start my server on serverffs.com but i always get this server name : Default Server Name [serverFFS.com] = Server IP address: = Server port : 22003 = = Log file : ..server36834/mods/deathmatch/logs/server.log = Maximum players : 2 = HTTP port : 22004 = Voice Chat : Disabled =========================================================== [2011-09-27 14:21:17] Resources: 184 loaded, 0 failed =========================================================== = Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas v1.1 =========================================================== =
  5. i thought that player deletion and new creation would fix it
  6. even if i make new acc i cant reach what i want. what can i do if when i press tab i have no number under money? its race dd/dm mode btw
  7. how can i delete mta account in mta server? please can any 1 tell me.
  8. thanks.i will order at no1servers and i will use your link. you have your server hosting on no1servers?
  9. What is the best MTA:SA SERVER hosting solution?
  10. mihec161


    try with gui editor in game
  11. you buy this card with money and you can buy something on net with pass on card. i am asking that because i am only 14 and dont have cards like visa,american express,...
  12. any 1 know what hosting community support that?
  13. i am creating new race server and need some one to handle the server with me so i need your: name: years: knowledge: and why. and if you have any suggestion what server should be named.
  14. Hi! I am making new server masters race server 24/7 and i need scripter if any 1 want to be scripter for my server he can be admin also.send me an offer:mihaornik97@gmail.com
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