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  1. We with my friend try make global mod converter, LOL, and it works. It read GTA:SA files, unpack .IMG, unpack. COL packages, convert .IPL to .Lua code and collect 2 resources for MTA:SA: - Map resource. - Object replace resource. What finally: - .IMG unpacker. - .COL unpacker. - Map converter. - Objects converter. What not finally: - Water positions converter. - Night time objects converter. - Animation objects converter. - Handling converter. - Car converter. - Weapons converter. - Skins converter. - Handling converter. - Tymecyc converter. Application in development, when will be released - nobody know. *For test we use not United, not Vice City 2 SA (it very easy). We use Vice City Stories PC, it very good quality mod, and manual port this will be very hard. *Bugs in console - disabled few objects in IDE (breakable props) and nighttime objects. *Collision bug on video - bug modification. *Water bug on video - just my error ;3
  2. local chatRadius = 50 local groups = { {"CoOwner", "#ff0000✪#00ff70CO-OWNER#ff0000✪", "#f7fc00", chatRadius}, -- can change group chat raduis --can add here your groups settings } addEventHandler("onPlayerChat", root, function chatbox(text, msgtype) local tab local account = getPlayerAccount(source) and getAccountName(getPlayerAccount(source)) or "*" local name = getPlayerName(source) local color = string.format("#%02X%02X%02X", getPlayerNametagColor(source)) for k,i in ipairs(groups) do if isObjectInACLGroup("user."..account, aclGetGroup(i[1])) then tab = i break end end local x, y, z = getElementPosition(source); local chatSphere = createColSphere(x, y, z, tab[4] or chatRadius) local nearbyPlayers = getElementsWithinColShape(chatSphere, "player") destroyElement(chatSphere) if (msgtype == 0) then cancelEvent() end for index, nearbyPlayer in ipairs(nearbyPlayers) do outputChatBox((tab[2] or "")..color.."".. name .. ":"..(tab[3] or "").." "..text, nearbyPlayer, 255, 255, 255, true) outputServerLog("CHAT: "..(tab[2] or "").." "": "..text) end end )
  3. Huh, how much time you need for portable vice city for mta?
  4. We get this result with default streamer Map size >60% GTA:SA ... 6.png?dl=0 ... 4.png?dl=0
  5. Your streamer? How it work, if not secret?
  6. Good It manually or auto-convert? , russian project, in development. Auto-converter global mods (analogue scene2res). It convert IPL to readable MTA format with lods, and copy all required resources ;3
  7. local positions = { -- {x,y,z[,rot]}, } function randomSpawn(player) local postab = positions[math.random(1,#positions)] local x,y,z,rot = unpack (postab, 1, 3) local rot = postab[4] or 0 spawnPlayer(player,x,y,z,rot) end You right i hope both variants will be useful for topic author
  8. if you create pickup on client, ye, you can't it. try create unique ID for pickup and colshape, and send ID to another players
  9. You can use createColPolygon to make zones for drift. But you should add checks, player inside any zone or no. You can create zone and add event onColShapeHit/Leave, edit player element data setElementData(player,"inzone",true/false) and use it if getElementData(player,"inzone") then --drift work end or i somewhat not understand and you wanna not this
  10. local positions = { -- {x,y,z[,rot]}, } function randomSpawn(player) local postab = positions[math.random(1,#positions)] local x,y,z,rot = postab[1],postab[2],postab[3],postab[4] or 0 spawnPlayer(player,x,y,z,rot) end call random spawn from join, wasted events
  11. SalwadoR

    Object as image

    Need use methods for get slots state, and use dxDrawImage (or dxDrawImageSection) for draw on screen. But how you will get slots state, i dont know.
  12. Where you get variable "vehicles"? Check code and find, why "vehicles" not table. (but, maybe need just parse "vehicleList", not "vehicles"?)
  13. Maybe it not best solution, but try use toJSON(). try add: if textures[i+1] and models[i+1] then --todo end maybe your tables just incorrect
  14. lol, maybe it will works --client function triggerClientEventFromClient(sendto,event,baseelement,...) triggerServerEvent("triggerClientEventFromClient",resourceRoot,baseelement,sendto,event,...) end --server addEvent("triggerClientEventFromClient",true) function triggerClientEventFromClient(baseelement,sendto,event,...) triggerClientEvent(sendto,event,baseelement,...) end addEventHandler("triggerClientEventFromClient",getRootElement(),triggerClientEventFromClient)
  15. addEventHandler("onElementDataChange",getRootElement(), function ( ElementData ) if ( ElementData == "Last Drift" ) then local money = getElementData(source,ElementData)/5; givePlayerMoney(source,money); end end )
  16. KICK: ClosedElbow63 was kicked by Console [Reason: AC #4 8DA6.fe0121 [Trainer]] KICK: joaouchira21 was kicked by Console [Reason: AC #4 8DA6. [Trainer]] KICK: FlippantPad77 was kicked by Console [Reason: AC #4 8DA6.fe0121 [Trainer]] KICK: [GTO]San4es was kicked by Console [Reason: AC #4 TRAINER] "Capital letters in the message are for tagging particular trainers" Hello, how i can know, what means 8DA6.fe0121 and 8DA6. ? output only reason (AC #4 8DA6.fe0121 [Trainer] .. and anothers). I know, at the moment available hacks from CFF Team and MTA developers try upgrade anticheat for safe fair game. I wanna make auto-ban on server for players who use this hack. I think, server admins should know, what means this Code's.
  17. SalwadoR

    2x Warning

    Error with all bone id's on CJ?
  18. Hello guys, have one seriously bug. Need replace model hospital LS (hospital_law), and hospital collision. Replace. Result: Collision replaced, but lost collision another object (road_lawn39). See more about COL files and find one interested factor, hospital_law.col and road_lawn39.col in identity Combined COL file (lawn_1.col). Try take lawn_1.col, and inside change hospital_law collision. Load Combined COL to MTA and replace collision. Result: hospital_law have incorrect collision. Try read more info about COL. See more info on wiki: "MTA only loads the first collision model of a .col file and ignores the rest" Ok, ok. Set hospital_law to 1st position. Result: Collision replaced, but again lost collision another object (road_lawn39). If stop replace resource, restored only collision hospital. Question: How correctly replace collision world object without lost collision another object. Resouce (if you think what code incorrect): ... a.rar?dl=0 Video: -- yee, sorry, my english bad, but Russian forum silent
  19. И так, сразу к делу. Необходимо заменить модель госпиталя LS (hospital_law), следовательно с ней и коллизия. Заменяем. Итог: Слетает коллизия у другого объекта (road_lawn39). Немного шарим, оказывается что hospital_law.col и road_lawn39.col находятся в одинаковом Combined Col файле (lawn_1.col). Пробуем взять lawn_1.col, и заменить в нём hospital_law.col. Итог: У здания встаёт совершенно левая коллизия. Немного шарим, снова. "MTA only loads the first collision model of a .col file and ignores the rest" Ставим hospital_law выше всех коллизий в архиве. Итог: Коллизия встаёт корректно, но снова ловим баг с road_lawn39. Вопрос: Каким методом корректно заменить модель госпиталя, без потери коллизии у другого объекта, и без удаления самого госпиталя с карты (engineRemoveWorldModel)?
  20. it legal if somebody will purchase promote and server name will have this tags? "better than FFS" "better than TOP-GTA" "better than CIT"
  21. SalwadoR

    Server list spam

    Originals: [bS] Brown: [bS] Green: [bS] Lime: [bS] Mint: (old mint name: Red) [bS] Blue: Fake: [bS] Black: ... 3.png?dl=0