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  1. SalwadoR

    Не скрывается GUI

    А ещё лучше не говнокодить с "if" и "elseif" там где этого не надо, и не вешать событие на root. local atmGUIMain = guiCreateStaticImage(0, 0, screenx, screeny, "atm.png", false); local exitGUIbtn = guiCreateStaticImage(screenx/1.1955, screeny/1.367, screenx/20.5, screeny/17, "button.png", false, atmGUIMain); guiSetVisible(atmGUIMain, false); bindKey("your key", "down", function() local newVisibleState = not guiGetVisible(atmGUIMain); guiSetVisible(atmGUIMain, newVisibleState); showCursor(newVisibleState); end); addEventHandler("onClientGUIClick", exitGUIbtn, false, function() guiSetVisible(source, false); showCursor(false); end);
  2. sX*0.9, именно из-за этого всё и пошло поехало. Ибо ширина экранов разная. dxGetTextWidth позволяет получить ширину текста, может пригодиться. Или тот же же "km/h" центровать по левой стороне, а спидометр по правой.
  3. То и значит. Увы и ах, @MayQuick, но нет.
  4. local attachedTrailers = bus:getData("attachedTrailers") or {}; bus:attachTrailer(trailer1); table.insert(attachedTrailers, trailer1); bus:setData("attachedTrailers", attachedTrailers, {}, false); ... или сразу bus:attachTrailer(trailer1); bus:setData("attachedTrailers", attachedTrailers, {trailer1}, false); ... на удаление if vehs[source] and isElement(vehs[source]) then local attachedTrailers = bus:getData("attachedTrailers") or {}; for _, trailer in ipairs(attachedTrailers) do if (isElement(trailer)) then trailer:destroy(); end end vehs[source]:destroy(); end Ну как вариант, сварганить что-то подобное.
  5. Ok, gg. I have one useful suggest, for owners few servers. Example, i have 3 servers (Foo, Bar, Biz) with email "" in config. I add server "Bar" to queue, and after few weeks i get E-Mail notify "Your position reserved. It nice, i can pay and get promote for "Bar". But if i wanna change server to "Biz", then i should again wait few weeks. @ccw , can we get function for buy promote, for any server with same E-Mail? Because i have 10 servers now, and if when should wait few weeks for buy that - my priorities can be changed. But after weeks i not wanna lost my position in queue.
  6. @Khadeer143 10+ positions already not have profit, why we need a 20 positions? But increase cost can be a solution, if remove new queue system c:
  7. It's a madness, and it mean what i can get promote only in February, lol. Old system queue (who faster) better, because all who need - trying get this place, not a "write e-mail and wait notify". If 20 owners from all this queue not will pay - normal and stable purchasers lost 20 days, and mta team lost 150+ EUR. Promote servers - it a perfect way for support developers, because if i not wanna get "nothing", i can get promote in server list. This method better than pay to stupid youtubers and wait theys stupid subscribers. Because i wanna support developers, and it 100% guarantee get new players. But now promote system can die, because after 1-2 months this queue can be 100+. And who will wait 3 months for pay it, for get promote 14 days, of which only 7 days have effect? It just a absurdly. It my opinion, and i hope it not will be an empty phrase, because i buy promote's from july 2016 and not wanna stop that.
  8. SalwadoR

    BSOD when reconnect to server.

    @Nun0. , not only win 10
  9. SalwadoR

    BSOD when reconnect to server.

    Hello. We with friends play on "test" server, and have BSOD error so often times, when we reconnect. It happens ONLY when we reconnect, and we started to notice it only today. I dont know it gamemode error or MTA, but anyway - BSOD error not should be... BSOD write about file "fairplaykd.sys", and we absolutely dont know what can be a reason. I play MTA ~7 years, and never saw that error or something like a it. Offers "Reinstall GTA" or "Reinstall MTA" will be a useless, because it happened not only with me, and not helps. MTA Diag my log, and my friend: P.S. It not a Polish server, like a in this topic, lol:
  10. SalwadoR

    Server use internal HTTP, but not should do it.

    I can't disable download files from internal server, but leave enabled http server for access to webadmin, right? D:
  11. SalwadoR

    Server use internal HTTP, but not should do it.

    @ccw Okey, i not will write all 6 servers, think only 2 will be enough. Server 1: Server 2: HTTP Port Server 1: 22030 HTTP Port Server 2: 22030 (But i disable internal HTTP on this server ) External HTTP files URL for servers (2 servers use one url): (It works:
  12. Hi, have problem. I setting "httpdownloadurl" for downloading files, and it work, but not every time. If see in performance browser, you can see it. All work good, but sometimes "Sent http" started increased, why? How i can fix it, because me need use all VPS network channel only for game, not for files. External http server not crashed, it work.
  13. Oi pessoal! Me há muito tempo à procura de um bom não é caro VPS hospedagem em Brazil (ou América do Sul): 3+ GHz, 2-4 Cores, 2 GB RAM, Open VZ. Eu não poderia encontrar boas opções, única uno, mas ele tem uma velocidade muito ruim - para VPS. Velocidade média de download - 80-100 Mbyte/s, envio - 10-20 Mbyte/s (Tariff 48$, lol). Você pode me ajudar e oferecer boas opções? Desculpe o errors, me eu uso o google tradutor.
  14. SalwadoR

    Error server name

    Hello, somebody know why server name in Master List output incorrect server name, but in Favorite all ok? output too incorrect name Favorites:Скриншот 2017-03-09 10.49.06.png?dl=0 .conf:Скриншот 2017-03-09 10.55.30.png?dl=0 Servers List:Скриншот 2017-03-09 10.49.13.png?dl=0 ASE:Скриншот 2017-03-09 10.54.26.png?dl=0
  15. SalwadoR

    dxCreateShader error

    Hello guys, MTA can't create any shaders after few reconnects to server where using much shaders. dxGetStatus().VideoMemoryFreeForMTA output much 2000+ Error code 8007000e, forum not have info about this error, only one identity problem.