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    GTA 5!

    Vice City Stories was awesum!
  2. With MTA Paradise you just update your server with paradise's roleplay files then go into a resource called 'sql' and open the lua file and config the sql db name pass ect pass is normally nothing and username is root and you just start the server and its done!(It adds the database from the lua file to the xammp files.)
  3. First time I installed XAMMP it took me 3 computer restarts to get the localhost thing to work
  4. Last time I tried Windows XPI could not connect to the internet not even plugging in the cabel it still did not wok and I need to know what Downloads I need and like a service pack for it to work (anyway if your on IRC message me I will be'DanChris' on there)
  5. I need the files so I can use wireless interiot TownCivlian COME
  6. How would I have Windows XP to work on MTA?
  7. John Myers: its a 1.2 Bug if you use too many mods.
  8. ThaD4N13L


    Um Imean like loading a fontfrom aPhotoshopphonne style file
  9. Ben its a 1.3Bug. WHat script are u making?
  10. Naw John thinks he can RP and Script but we know the truth Jesse used to script for him untill he started pissing off everyone.
  11. ThaD4N13L


    Whats the Function to LOad a XML file and use it in a Label?
  12. Lol vG Scripts are bugged the Vedic Scripts is fixed almost Dev never fixed everything but he fixed most things. Edit: this is not your forums. Edit: like teh fat man said Ello:If you are using the Vedic script without proper licenses, you will be shut down. One way or another.. Please consider purchasing or seizing use of the script.
  13. Use this ben for the online guiGridListSetItemColor (gMemberGrid, row, colOnline, 0, 255, 0) -- now the color is green.
  14. Ben you have it in your vedic scripts
  15. I think he meantt MOney.
  16. He uses the Vedic Scripts he owns Grimz RP.
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