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  1. Slifer


    a bit late, but Happy Birthday X86
  2. The cam hack can be used to find the location of things or players and some servers don't want that.
  3. The Samp objects are made for Samp, why would MTA ever use them? You can create your own objects.
  4. a bit late but Happy Birthday Towncivilian
  5. HotSpot Shield Pro is a program that uses an American proxy btw.
  6. Slifer

    avp mod

    That looks epic.. I'd like to play that Server.
  7. Sorry guys, but i hacked all the servers, i used Visual Basic to create a GUI Interface to track the server's ip and then i hacked it. I'm so sorry. Amanda ( aka Caroline, my assistance ) told me to stop hacking because it's so pointless, i turned off the hacks at the same time she said it.
  8. Ask an admin / mod of the server to unban you, if you want to change the Serial just buy a new computer... ( but you'll probably get banned again, for ban evading.)
  9. Slifer


    Btw, http://bugs.mtasa.com/view.php?id=4129
  10. Slifer


    You are not the only one who has that bug, btw, the sound you hear is from the water, not from the car..
  11. Slifer

    Help plz...

    Right click the Application and click Run as administrator
  12. something like Half life 2 : Combine, Zombies, Headcrabs, Gman, etc... That would be epic.
  13. Slifer

    Cant Open MTA

    Are you using Windows 7 / Vista ? If yes right click the Installer and click "Run as administrator " and install MTA again.
  14. ok, try this Tutorial then, it should work probably
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