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  1. Anyone know what could cause this and how to fix it?
  2. Hmm, okay. I didn't know that we needed to add it into the meta. On a side note, friends that I ask to come to my home server to help me test scripts cannot seem to download any scripts anymore. They eventually get kicked because the download times out. Any ideas?
  3. Do images need to abide by the power of 2? And can we use PNG images with an alpha transparency? The following line throws an error stating unable to load the image.. What must I do to load it? dxDrawImage(10, 10, 48, 48, "img/display.png")
  4. If I call createBlipAttachedTo() when a player joins the server, what would the proper way to delete it be?
  5. All of this talk about the latest script kiddy has gotten me a bit worried about running a paid game server. So, what can we as a community collaborate in to prevent or lessen an attack? Let's discuss methods/prevention of D/DoS. My first thought would be to ban the offending users IP and Subnet as well as his bot's IP's using a firewall and/or PeerBlock. The downside of this of course would be that innocent players would also be banned and require white listing. Of course we can report the offending user to his ISP but this isn't really very effective unless there would be several complain
  6. Can we just install a firewall and block all incoming/outgoing data from all ports except the port that the MTA server uses? Or perhaps record the IP addresses this guy is using to attack the server with and block them using PeerBlock / a firewall?
  7. Hey all, has anyone else used a gamepad to play MTA with? My only gripes is the camera resets if I don't constantly move the joy stick around.. Any one know how to force the camera to stay in one position?
  8. Why not just use CreateElement("foo", createPickup(...)) when the player dies?
  9. Hi again. I wrote a "new jump height" function to see if I can get the hang of MTA's functions and of Lua. My function doesn't want to force the player to grab the edge of a wall, any ideas what I need to do? jumpTimer = 0 isJumping = 0 NEW_JUMP_HEIGHT = 2 function setVelocity(player) if (isJumping==0) then isJumping = 1 setPedAnimation(player, "ped","JUMP_glide", -1, false, true) jumpTimer = setTimer(jumpCounter, 50, 0, player) end end oldJumpHeight = 0.0 function jumpCounter(player) if (isJumping == 1) then outputDebugString("Playing
  10. Not exactly. I want to send the CONTENTS of a server side variable to a specific client. It doesn't have anything to do with the variables name on either side. I simply just want to send the contents of a variable to a specific client. A better explanation: Player 1 on the server has 5 credits. Player 2 needs to know how many credits Player 1 has for whatever reason.
  11. Here is a much simpler approach. If lua or MTA has a bitwise NOT operator, then the code can be chopped down by like 90%. x = 0 timer = -1 function guiDrawRoutine() if (x==0) then dxDrawRectangle(250, 250, 125, 150, tocolor(25, 25, 25, 150)) end if (timer == -1) then timer = setTimer(changeX, 500, 0) -- change 500 to however miliseconds/seconds you want your stuff to be displayed for. end end function changeX() -- Does Lua have a bitwise NOT operator? if (x==0) then x = 1 else x = 0 end if (timer ~= 0) th
  12. What is the fastest method of sending data from the server to the client? For example, if I have some variables on the server called : fooPlayer0 = 4309 fooPlayer1 = 4922 And I want to send fooPlayer0 variable content to player 1, how can I do that?
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