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  1. Places where you can get cool MTA resources.
  2. Is there any robber, armdealer and similar job resources out there.
  3. updated, but my server is not on the list
  4. they are opened: Port 22126 UDP is open. fu*k yeah! Port 22003 UDP is open. fu*k yeah! Port 22005 TCP is open. fu*k yeah!
  5. I have created my Multi Theft Auto Server and I opened ports, but no server on list. What sould I do?
  6. As solid said, it will be possible in MTA 1.1.
  7. Post all of your MTA sources you know here MTA Community: http://community.multitheftauto.com/ind ... =resources KWKSND's TOP SECRET RESOURCES: http://kwksrv.game24hrs.com/KWKSNDsTSR.html Mabako's MTA Paradise: https://github.com/mabako/mta-paradise
  8. Why do you think nobody will help them for free. Are you coding in SAVL for free or they are paying you. Probably you work for free, right.
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