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  1. Kinda cool. Good work.
  2. Just tried that and works very good. Thanks for your help guys.
  3. Hi there, I've a problem when I attach two vehicles using attachElements. The camera is strangely placed and I dunno how fix it, dunno even if it's possible. As you can see in the screen, I've two vehicles who are attached. When I drive the parent vehicle, the camera is zoomed and it's unplayable. I've searched for camera collision or smth like that but nope, nothing. Someone have an idea?
  4. Hello, I think that design is a bit too much dark for a website. The dark is kind of sad For me, something who would have colors & white would be better, more friendly like that sketch I've just made for you: (the full image: http://puu.sh/cEph0/63a48d5023.png) Don't you agree? Regards, FatalTerror.
  5. Hello, Sorry for the double post, just to post a video of the actual state of developement who is more "clean" than the previous one. I also have a question and I hope you can answer me, as you can see on the video, the player (aka CJ) is very dark compared to the other elements like the road. Anyone know why or have a solution ? FatalTerror.
  6. Hi, There is an extra ")" line 3, the function is wrong. It's getElementsByType, and make sure that "if T == 1 then" is true. And why don't you use getDistanceBetweenPoints3D ? That would be more logic don't you think ?
  7. Hold on First post updated, check it for informations. FatalTerror
  8. That doesn't help me enough. To explain a bit more, I've a client render who check the cursor position every frame. The problem is: even if I'm in another window and lost the focus, it still check for the cursor position in the MTA window. Do you understand ?
  9. Greetings, I wanna know if there is any way to detect if the player lost the focus with the MTA window (game). The function isMTAWindowActive returns true if we have the ESC menu active but not the game itself. Thanks.
  10. Why you waste your time to create the ''same'' thing as in community? god.. To learn? This looks useless for you, but for him it's a lot of work. Learn by doing is the best way to learn. Keep going Bilal
  11. You can also edit your previous topic instead of creating a new one
  12. Thats why you should use getRealTime instead.
  13. Hi, First, the function that you're trying to call seems to be undefined. You want to get the number of active players, I see also that you have a function getActivePlayers who returns an array of the active players. If you want to get the number of active players you can do like this: if(#getActivePlayers() <= 1)then Second, If I understood right you want to end the map when the last player reach the Hunter. If you read the Wiki, you will see that the race gamemode gives you some usefull events like this one: onPlayerPickUpRacePickup int/string pickupID, string pickupType, int vehicleModel (source: http://wiki.multitheftauto.com/index.ph ... ource:Race) That events actives himself when a player pick up a racepickup like nitro, vehiclechange or repair. So, for your script, what you need to do is: when we have 1 active player, we add the event using addEventHandler per example. If the event is activated, we check if the pickup is the hunter pickup like this: if pickupType == "vehiclechange" and vehicleModel == "HUNTERID" then If this is right, then you can call the function RaceMode.endMap() to end the map. Hope that helps you. Regards.
  14. Indeed, there are libraries to render SVG with Lua. But, If the MTA devs couldn't / wouldn't insert that feature on MTA, we could create a module for that, no ? Will that work ? I was doing some search and I found that: https://github.com/memononen/nanosvg What do you think guys ? Don't know that file format but seems to be a video format? Regards.
  15. Hi, Using shaders probably. Take a look: http://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p= ... ls&id=3139
  16. Nice job buddy ! Looks pretty cool
  17. Hello there, I've a question. There is no way to introduce the SVG format on MTA? That would be very usefull for logos, icons & other shits. I'm bored with that image quality that MTA gives. Maybe we could parse an SVG file and create the image with dx functions & bézier curves ? Regards.
  18. Well, table.insert expect a number at the second argument. It's the position of the "insertion". Try something like: table.insert(nonparty, 0, string.gsub....)
  19. FatalTerror


    Hi, Didn't know some servers ban players from specifics countries. You can find the player country using the export function from admin panel getPlayerCountry(). When the player joins the server, we check if his country matches with the list of banned countries. If it does, then we kick him or we ban him. As you want. The function is: countryCode = exports.admin:getPlayerCountry ( playerSource ) or "N/A" Hope that help you. Regards
  20. Where is defined x,y, z? Why did you check, again if the player is on the marker since he already hit him (onMarkerHit) ? You should check if the element is a player before teleporting the player. Regards.
  21. If I understood, you want to convert the first letter of your sentence in capital letter. One search on Google and you have: function firstToUpper(str) return (str:gsub("^%l", string.upper)) end (source: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2421 ... ercase-lua) Regards.
  22. Sorry if you all are waiting for news about this project. I still working on it but since 2 weeks my PC goes to Toshiba Support. I'll be back. Regards, FatalTerror.
  23. Of course, if it's our own code you can obviously decompile it if you can but not a script under copyright that you don't have rights on it.
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