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  1. i want to make a gui when someone presses f2, screen will pop out with map list and when someone selects map and presses ok, then the votemap will begin. please help me becouse i am not a good scripter, i am pretty shure this is easy for you scripters.
  2. Ok, if i make gui team serlector, what sould i put under button click event if i want player to join Red team
  3. I was wondering how to make customized Spawn Team Selector for TDMA like in Mini Missions.
  4. fu*k you, i offered money you fu*in prick
  5. 1. becouse i am lazy to make it myself 2. CIT already copied SANL, SANL probably bought script for MTA freelance worker
  6. I will pay $14.68 to someone who gaves me same job script as CIT has [with f3 job panel, markers with have job buttons and etc.]. Make everything same or very similar. Proof that i will pay: I will pay you from 15th to 25th. I am paying to PayPal and AlertPay.
  7. 1: I want them to ban the solidsnake 2: I want them to ban the solidsnake 3: I want them to ban the solidsnake
  8. That is what you think, I already got PM from expirienced MTA forum member.
  9. We are only looking for someone who would like to help us out, we can't pay him. He will get admin rank when the server opens.
  10. We are making new SAGH RPG server. Our server has Cluckin' Bell, Well Stacked Pizza Co., Burger Shot, Pay'n'Spray, Banks, Jobs (currently in development) and many other stuff. Also our objective is to make all houses in Los Santos enterable and buyable. We are currently making Jobs, houses and Vehicle Shops. Anyone who would like to join our team PM me or add me on Skype (Username: tonyjunak , Name: Antonio Junakovic) Our Team: - TonyJunak (me) - Turismo - Haze - xUltimateGaming We can use more help in scripting and mapping. If you are interested contact me.
  11. please help me with mysql database. it says to connect to one, so is there any way to create mysql database online (username, password, hostname, database_name, port) and connect it to the server (link: https://github.com/mabako/mta-paradise)
  12. is there any mta existing job resource like in CIT and SANL
  13. I would like to join too, i just started learning lua, but i am responsible too, if you put me as admin or moderator i would be every day on server, i will do everiting you want me to do, i swear.
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