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  1. becouse popular servers have lot of players, and admins can install modes like chatbox ads and earn money.
  2. RDHosting

    HELP PLS!!

    he can't search becouse he can access his server only by internal ip, but other players use his external ip to connect. mta server is listed as external_ip : port
  3. What do you mean "how can we trust on you". The hosting is free if server is good. We only need promoting on server name and server admin rights. That is all.
  4. RDHosting is offering free roleplay server hosting (if server is good enough), only what we want from you is to put me for admin.
  5. I am making a new RPG server and i am halfway done with it, so now i am looking for someone to help me complete it and i will give him admin rights. (ps. i will host the server) Skype userneme: tonyjunak Skype name: antonio junakovic Facebook: antonio junakovic
  6. Here is the script: function startJob ( playerSource ) local x, y, z = getElementPosition ( playerSource ) if ( chauffeurSkins[getElementModel ( playerSource )] ) then if not playerClients[ playerSource ] then local numLocations = #taxiLocations if ( numLocations > 0 ) then repeatCount = 0; repeat local pickupPoint = math.random(numLocations) pickupx = taxiLocations[pickupPoint]["x"] pickupy = taxiLocations[pickupPoint]["y"]
  7. i need script what will show blips i want when i press the "U" button and when i press "U" again it will hide it.
  8. currently in development, if you are interested in hosting than pm me
  9. RDHosting is best and very cheap MTA Server Hosting. Contact me on MTA Forums if you are interested. Here are the prices: - $0.10 per player (max. 256 players) - $0.50 per day (max. 90 days) - $2.50 if size is more than 1gb (max. 4 gb) We also offer a Free Trial Period for your server: - max. 64 players - max. 3 days - max. 450 mb Contact me on MTA Fourms Account
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