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  1. انا من تونس ونقلك لا احد يعملك هوست بدون مال انا سكريتر واقلك ماينفع هكا
  2. what do you mean by LSPD Cods m8 listen you should script a code first post it and the community should help you
  3. Haze

    Ped Sound

    Thank you m8
  4. Haze

    Ped Sound

    Some time when you get killed you get a sound from ped also when he get Hit ! is there any function can Help me to Change it
  5. Solidsnake maybe he need to Call the giveweapon from Server side and Create ped on Client Side but it dose not make any sens to create both of Sids for 2 lien or 1
  6. i press on Item and i get like All the buttons cant Press on them why
  7. its working m8 i just need to know dammn how i know the LOD Can i give you List and you tell me LOD List on 1 Topic only and for the Last Time
  8. oh its working ahahah thx m8 thx now i have to Learn how to get the LOD wish me good Luck
  9. Can you just get me the LOD ID only for this Time Like example plz that will be Cool i Can get to that Programe i dont know i m not getting use at it can you just get me the LOD Of that Object Plz
  10. Can you Show me how to Find the LOD ID of a Object in MEd V0.32 Plz
  11. There is no Problem with Meta cause i can see the Object Removed but the LOD is still there that mean i can enter the Object like no Walls on the Objects its Removed but the LOD still there we ..also there is no Bug on the Deubgscript 3
  12. I went out of the stream and ive tried reconnecting to the server and its still there
  13. I am trying to remove a building from SA and i put in the object id and it removes that fine, When i try to remove the LOD it doesnt work i used MEd to find it. removeWorldModel (6867,400,2586.8000488281,2820.6999511719,14.10000038147) removeWorldModel (160,400,2586.8000488281,2820.6999511719,14.10000038147) -- this is the LOD Thanks for any help
  14. Haze

    Mapping Plz

    Hi all We almost finish our Project FWCentral RPG Server We v done a lot of Scripts Like Spawn System and Jobs and we are Finishing a few bugs that we made Now FWCentral is Looking for Mappers wich they want to Help on the RPG and we are going to make new Clan for them Calld FWCentral staff Mapper and they will be Belong to Admin HQ Anyway we are not asking for a script or Host we just need Few Mappers Thank you we would like Pro Mappers plz Thank you all
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