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  1. Great Job Guys ! Just wondered if, now that MTA:GTA3 has had some game modes implemented will MTA:VC have any game modes this release?
  2. I would like to say I wish I had never contributed to this thread in its infant stage as yet again we appear to have digressed
  3. I do appreciate that the MTA Team are hard at work building us an incredible platform to work with! But surely an hour or two to make a few screenies or a video is not too much to ask? At the least it would generate some more publicity for MTA:Blue
  4. I must admit i've been dying for some development news on the main site but the last bit of development news was on 11/09/04 http://www.mtavc.com/archive.php?nummer=186 It would be very nice if only to see a few screens maybe a sneek preview of BLUE ? EDIT: apologies the link above does not work but there again it doesnt work on the homepage either
  5. works fine for me already submitted quite a few reports !
  6. why would that not be fun .. there have been instagib weapons in other MP games that are fun .. half of the skill is aiming it !
  7. I must admit I found the same ... when playing on a lan seems to lag more than online.. probably something to do with my internal network configuration ! any ideas about what might make it lag via lan ?
  8. Awwww C'Mon guys ... The MTA Team have worked really hard to make someting out of nothing with this mod If it wasnt for them you have NO GTA worth playing online ! Give E'm a break for Christ sake I do believe that MTA have a Real Fair Right to want to hog all the attention for all the work that has gone into this mod! If thats what they are doing (which I dont believe) Do you ever stop to think, how many constraints are already posing a threat to everyone's expectations of what can be acomplished by hacking code of a game that wasnt really meant for it ! Please be nice I would never do all this hard work for free in my life !
  9. In that case i am struggling .. I get about 3 people connected and then if another joins 2 of the ones connected get timeout crc check and get disconnected can anyone help .. I am running winxp serv pk 1 All correct ports open through firewall and no hardware router !
  10. Can anyone advise me as to how many players I could host a server for with a 1mbit connection .... only 256kb upload? Thanks
  11. I have found that if no-one is is your server when you try to start the manhunt script it will crash Mirc and the admin client just a fix for people i loaded it correctly using open Mirc ...connect type /load -rs mta.mrc then type /mta .... which will open the admin window then connect to your running server on say server 1 tab then in Mirc type /load -rs manhunt.mrc into a new channel window you have created ( ie #myserver) in Mirc then in the same windows type /mh 1 on as long as there is someone connected to your server All then works for me
  12. one possiblility is ... I had a wheel mouse that came with its own drivers AND software whereas when you click the middle mouse button down in windows it will come up with a round menu system with links to internet explorer etc...... try removing that software worked for me
  13. I think on the whole ... Cable has to be better ADSL = trouble ... in the UK you have to live within a mile of your telephone exchange to get it ! ... constant problems on and off ! Cable ..Well... not all together reliable but definately better that ADSL Just my experiences .. could be fine for others !
  14. YAY ! /rubs hands with glee Just looking forward to the core 0.4 moving up ! will this next release of mtavc 0.3 include some more unhandled exception fixes?? Hope So
  15. I think this would be a good idea .. ok some people will abuse when they see other people chatting but that just means people will have to be be a litttle more careful when typing a message .. I dont agree with having what is typed appear above the players head that should still just appear in main chat Should just be a bubble with some wiggly lines in it to represent that that player is currently typing a message
  16. I no longer play ... waiting for the next version now ... Short attenti..n. .. s. p .n.. what was i sayin??
  17. I take it you are using NAT via ICS.... are you using a router?
  18. its not hard at all you can turn whilst wheelieing just its a lot easier with a joypad !
  19. lol it was the one feature i was waiting for ! (edit) not that i have any idea why it would not work if you are using v 0.2
  20. you CAN connect to the same server from the same ip address this was fixed in version 0.2 was not possible in earlier versions
  21. Sounds absolutely wicked guys Hope to see some screenies as soon as they are available ! I dont suppose you could give us a hint as to what game modes MAY be available??
  22. I must agree ... OK if you dont want peoples help but no need to slate then for trying eh !
  23. New site is very kool ! but I thought MTA Team were going to update us more frequently concerning progression rates for mta next verison only there hasnt been an update for an age ! This was mentioned after the g4tv interview thingy
  24. wheelies are easy even on a pcg .. i have managed over a 40 second wheelie with out encountering and bug i will try and post a screenie later
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