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  1. The widely used Truecrypt is also open-source with source code available for anyone to compile. Yet it's said the executable contains malicious code in a form of a "good" backdoor (a possibility to recover the password in case of emergency). The thing is the code is so complicated and nearly impossible to compile to produce exactly the same executable as the one given to public. But thanks for your response, it seemed that you were on "track" of what was going on. Thank you. I never knew MTA included a internal anticheat. This seems like the very cause of the alerts. Thanks for your quick
  2. Devs, explain this: http://i52.tinypic.com/w82jkk.png Tell me why MTA is trying to access wlcomm.exe. What the hell does MTA has to do with Windows Live Messenger? Why do I even need to bother to post this, they shouldn't interfere with each other in any way. As I'm running the latest COMODO Firewall with HIPS, I also got a reminder from D+ when installing MTA about the package requiring complete control over my computer when installing, never got such warning with any other installers. I ended up scanning the installation file with Jotti's Malware Scan and the result was positive with 2 e
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