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  1. Fixed. It appeared that my gta sa.exe and timecyc(located in dtata folder) files were corrupt somehow. I simply asked someone with a clean install for their files. I'll link you to the ones I used. http://www.mediafire.com/?9qd29u1h2c9jyst Replace all files with those in the above archive
  2. No change to MTA, and I did not need to update
  3. GTA SA works on a clean install. Now i'll install MTA SA and try. EDIT: Installed MTA, splash screen appears, nothing happens
  4. Re-installing now. I usually have two GTA SA folders. A clean one for MTA SA, and a modded one for SA:MP. I've also changed the directory of GTA SA
  5. I've tried this twice before and nothing changed
  6. Nothing happens when I start GTA SA singleplayer
  7. I start up MTA SA, and the splash screen appears, and then nothing happens. No crash message or error. Help?
  8. Thank you. Please do not lock just yet.
  9. When saving a map, and closing MTA SA everything is fine. But when starting up MTA again and going into map editor, I try to open a map but there are none on the list. But when viewing the resources list in ©, Their there, any help?
  10. I have reinstalled it, but I told it to save my Resources, screens etc. It still didn't do anything.
  11. Hello friends and helpers. I was recently editing a map I made in Map editor although I got myself into a slight bit of bother. The game crashed and therefor I had to log out and back in. I went straight back into MTA and tried to re-open the map. When I tried this performance It would not open. I do not get a error message or any of the sort. Nothing happens. Also when I try to save a map the screen freezes. Any tips or advice?
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