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  1. Werido made them, and i finished them. Also the server you guys made with me. Zalmon you come in my computer with time viewer and deleted my mta files. You ruined my mta and i couldn't play. You stole the forum i made and the administration account. So i had reasons to upload the scripts.
  2. Is there a way to make a server with Modem connection?
  3. I am getting errors at installing MTA SA on Linux Mint at the .dll files client.dll and deathmatch.dll . Also i need some help on making server on it.
  4. Cyan

    Vehicle Sloths

    I am working on a Vehicles System and i need some help with Vehicles Sloths, i want to make 4 vehicles slots in the GUI and idk how
  5. When someone spawn a vehicle he can spawn another, and another how can i solve this bug? Players will spam with vehicles...
  6. I need help with a gang war system, it is based on 2 teams Grov Street and Ballas, turfs are on, but when i come in one no message appear. This is the script: gang_Area = {} gang_Col = {} gang_Area["Groov Street"] = createRadarArea(2439.6716308594, -1719.4598388672, 200, 200, 0, 179, 4, 175) gang_Col["Groov Street"] = createColRectangle(2439.6716308594, -1719.4598388672, 200, 200) gang_Area["Ballas"] = createRadarArea(2130.5749511719, -1832.2039794922, 200, 200, 211, 0, 174, 175) gang_Col["Ballas"] = createColRectangle(2130.5749511719, -1832.2039794922, 200, 200) gangZone = {}
  7. Cyan

    Utopia RPG

    I wish you good luck with the server. Hope it get's to the tops!
  8. Cyan

    RPG GameMode

    No, it's just about anyone that want's to help to contact us.
  9. Cyan

    RPG GameMode

    Ok, me and Zalmon (the hoster) recently started to make a server named USSA United States of San Andreas|RPG , and we started to make the gamemode. It looks like this: -Jobs: Medic,Taxi, Bus Driver, Trucker, Cop, Mechanic ... -Markers based on player hit (still working on better ones) -Bank system (based on 50p's) -Save system (still needs to save weapons too) -Burgers, PayNspray & ModShops -Alot of minor things We need help in finishing the gameplay and every one that want's to help should post here, we will be glad for every help recived. Things that we need: -Clothes System + Cl
  10. Cyan

    Romanian Server

    Eu te pot ajuta Quantum, dar avem nevoie de un host..
  11. And how can i set to use that vehicle spawn just for a specified team?
  12. I need help with Scripting Vehicles Spawns. It should be like: When player goes in a marker to automaticaly get in the vehicle specified in the script. If someone can help me please post it here.
  13. Cyan

    Romanian Server

    Deocamdata intrati pe USSA United States of San Andreas|RPG este 24/7 si lucrez la el cu cativa prieteni. Daca strangem vreo 20 de romani, toti sa fie buni ca admini si scripteri vom transforma USSA in RO|RPG
  14. Cyan

    Romanian Server

    Sunt acelasi )*,..*( de mai sus, doar o mica schimbare de look. Am fost inactiv un timp. Momentan sunt scripter in USSA United States of San Andreas|RPG dar desigur voi ajuta la serverul la care am avut ideea de al crea. Contactati-ma pe cyanmello@yahoo.com .
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