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  1. I hoped so that it work but it doesn't work.... the output is shown on each vehicle like before and the timer still runs out ....the timer doesn't stop. sorry for the inconvenience... I copied ur code completely... I don't know whaats wrong there. ... I reply tomorrow need to lay me down now.
  2. jobcar= createVehicle(485, 1655.03, -1837.87, 13.58, 0, 0, 90)
  3. yes. when you get out of the jobcar there comes a message that the player needs to get back within 30 seconds otherwise the job stops and the idea is that the timer stops after the player gets back to his jobcar.
  4. I just copied your code to try it out but the problem is, that the output still comes on each vehicle (even 3 times in a row) and the timer doesn't stop (after x seconds the jobcar despawns. :/) thanks for ur constant help.
  5. Well but how can I do it that the timer only stops when the player enters a jobcar...currently the timer stops for each vehicle.... currently players could cheat...just leave the jobcar and start to use their private car like infernus. Can you help me with that?
  6. Do I understand right?!: I write to the serverside script : local vehicleJ= getPedOccupiedVehicle(localPlayer) sorry. ^^
  7. No I thought 'player' is global known. how do I do that? local player=getLocalPlayer(player) is it right? And do I need to add it to the serverside script or do I need to trigger it client side and if so, how do I do that?
  8. Hey Debug: Bad argument @'getElementModel' [expected element at argument 1, got Boolean] Bad argument @'getPedOccupiedVehicle' [expected ped at argument 1, got nil] .... end setTimer(jobfin,30000,0) end addEventHandler("onPlayerVehicleEnter",getRootElement(), function(vehicleID,leftSeat,jackerPlayer) local carjob=getPedOccupiedVehicle(player) if getElementModel(carjob) ==jobcar and isTimer(jobfin) then killTimer (jobfin) outputChatBox("Du bist rechtzeitig zurückgekehrt!",player,0,255,0,true) end end)
  9. Okay thanks...actually I tried to apply this function on my created Vehicle "jobcar" but I don't know how to do that...could u please help me? P.S. the 'jobcar' = Baggage / ID =512
  10. Hey guys. I tried to killTimer after a player gets back to his jobcar. But it doesn't work for me. there isn't even a outputChatBox (I tried it out but deleted it for this showing) local Timer= setTimer( function () JobIcon=createBlip(1611.9,-1891.8,13.60,40, 1, 0, 0, 0, 255, 0, 99999.0) outputChatBox("Der Job wurde beendet!",myPlayer,255,0,0) destroyElement(jobcar) destroyElement(markers1) end,5000,0) end addEventHandler("onPlayerVehicleEnter",getRootElement(), function(vehicleID,leftSeat,jackerPlayer) local
  11. Could you also help me with this one? I want to scale one of the sprunk-o-mat this is my current serversided code: scaler=createObject(1775,1928.800 , -1772.500 , 13.600 , 0,0,90) function scalex() if (scaler) then setObjectScale(scaler,1.1) setElementCollisionsEnabled(scaler,true) end end addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart",getRootElement(),scalex) Nothing changes Ingame...the Sprunk-o-mat still has its original size.
  12. Thaaaank you so much...that was the solution! Freeroom was on...now I stopped freeroom andnow the animation is no more interruptable. one love brother.
  13. Hello Guys. I have a problem and I tried many hours to fix it but I didn't get it...maybe u guys can help me out?! As u can see I wanted to use an animation when a player is in front of a sprunk-o-mat.... I wanted to hold the player for 5 seconds to make the job done(repair it)...but players are currently able to stop the animation by pressing 'LShift' I tried "setElementFrozen" but it didn't work and toggleControls(player,"jump",false) wasn't a solution as well. Any ideas? Thanks for your help! function moneymarker(hitPlayer, matchingDimension ) if isElementWithinMarker(hitPlayer,
  14. Hallo liebe Leute, ich möchte euch hier einer der besten Reallife-Server vorstellen, dens gibt! Den Server habe ich zusammen mit meinem Kumpel eröffnet! Derzeit sind unsere Online-Player noch recht zurückhaltend, darum fände ich es schön, wenn Wir mal ein B00M erleben würden Fände es toll, wenn da mal einige vorbei schauen Hier liste Ich euch mal ein paar Features des Servers auf: -Kurze Einleitung auf den Server -Möglichkeit auf Lizenzen/Scheine: Auto,Motorrad,LKW Schein,Helischein, Flugschein A (Kleinflugzeuge) Flugschein B (große Flugzeuge), Segelbootschein,Motorbootsschein,Waffensc
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