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  1. You should be able to reactivate your account by mail, if you entered the correct mail address...
  2. OwlGaming has been around for a while now. Saying there's nothing worth mentioning is the same as saying OwlGaming is not an RP server. I'm disappointed people think that way, because we try to satisfy our relatively large playerbase (for an RP server on MTA, nowadays, it's pretty decent) every day. With new scripts, new ideas and systems being implemented, we allow a wide variety of roleplay types to thrive. I hope that by now you've found your way to our community. - owlgaming.net
  3. Lawliet, I would suggest talking to the guys of Viscera DayZ, the screenshots you showed a few screens back are like almost completely the same as theirs.
  4. Yup, that's the one... but electric
  5. Are you sure this will also edit the sound, and not just the performance of the car?
  6. Is it possible to somehow change the engine sound (just the "vroom vroom" ) to another sound? To be more exact, having a car make the sound an electric car would. I've seen some topics about this, but they were rather old and maybe not up to date with the latest updates of MTA. Thanks in advance.
  7. 1: Annoying, lazy, impolite admins/staff annoys players and will make them leave. It's the job of the server owner to decide who his staff will be. If he takes the bad ones, he ruins his own server. 2: If you choose to copy/edit existing scripts from other server, be honest about it and give credits to the owners (which is the thing you could AT LEAST do. The best is not to copy them). And if you copy them, make sure you offer something different. 3: Who reads these forums? Only "more experienced/older" players of MTA. I have never seen a normal MTA player come here and say "Hey, lets look f
  8. Lets just hope it will be in some later update of MTA.
  9. Can't you just leave each other alone? You know, you can only call a project successfull, once it reached a certain point. This includes playercount, server and foru management, etc etc... But also maturity. If you all just keep out of each others project, maybe the trouble will go away. There is so much I'd like to say/could say, and I would have done it some months ago, but experience learned me not to do that. It only leads to more trouble and ruins the fun for you and your community, it also breaks down the reputation you've build up up to now. Just stop it, and mind that both communit
  10. some comment: - vG is very similar to something that exists. - What server will it be? RP or RPG? - What kind of people do you look for? Mappers, Scripters or staff?
  11. Wees blij dat er dan niet teveel Vlamingen zitten (zoals ik), je zou er niets van verstaan moest ik West-Vlaams typen
  12. Is this project still running? I just don't hear anything anymore
  13. As long as servers keep introducing new ideas and stuff, I don't care who runs it. But the problem is that those kids aren't as innovative as adults or more mature persons. Some people think that they have to fake because the community has ran out of ideas. That's wrong. There are plenty of things which could get a lot of attention of all the players. Take a look at some famous servers, most of them are innovating all the time or are known for one certain aspect: CIT: mixing up 3 gamemodes... SAUR: Pet scripts gave them a great start, now their Player Control Panel is more effecient...
  14. Some servers are owned by kids... what do you expect? And a quite big amount of players are kids. They go with their friends, don't look for quality. There is no real solution for that problem. Unless you put some selection process to put a server online for MTA... What you could do is create a kind of community that gives points to the server. Like when some server faked/stole/used other servers scripts, they get a warning and if they don't change it the community put that info online. This idea just came out of my head now... If someone is courageous enough to create it, I would support
  15. Actually... you missed the first and the second hehe... Anyway, I hope to see you IG again.
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