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  1. Good job Dev team. I played 0.2.2 for about an hour and although I still get disconnected from servers, I recieved no 'unhandled exception' errors, which is a very rare thing 0.2. The stunt mode is very well done and I can't wait to see future incarnations of it.
  2. Good video. The frame rate was really annoying but most of the stunts were good and aswell as the music although as someone else said, some obvious transitions were missed. But I must say, the stunt at 9:52, the long ass jump to a grind on the building was at the same time my favorite stunt and the most dissapointing one because you crashed 8.5/10
  3. So what does a Stunt Server actually consist of? No guns, more vehicles and everyone regenerates health?
  4. [PiG] Ronnie

    [R] vs [PiG]

    Well I agree with all my fellow PiGs that vehicles are definately allowed and I personally believe that choppers should be fair game as well simply because 5 guys shooting at a chopper will take it down before it can get close enough to do any damage. Sess, those rules seem fine to me but I can't speak for the gang. But...honestly, everyone is taking gang wars wayyyy too seriously right now. The whole fighting system at this point is so FUBAR that theres no way you can say that a kill was skill over some wierd ass bug. You can stand there shooting at some guy for a minute with an uzi an
  5. Count me in. I signed up on the gangs database too as RonnieFrown, my in-game name.
  6. sk8ter I completely agree with you that it'd be nice to see some videos that aren't just the same stunt over and over again although many of the standard stunt videos are quite good. But dude, that driving was horrible. Try drifting at full speed between the corner of a building and a lamp post or something and not this 10 mph sh*t. And even at those ridiculously small speeds you still managed to run over the curb, wow. Don't take this the wrong way, I think you should make a drifting video, but make it be of good driving, not something that EVERY person that plays GTA can do. And with re
  7. Does this mean that pressing the camera button no longer shows the location of available cars on the mini map?
  8. Is the release of MTA:VC 0.2 dependent on the finalization of Core 0.3.1? Or anotherwords, will 0.2 be released if the new Core isn't? I've noticed that the progress of the 'progress bar' for Core has retarded while that of VC moves foreword.
  9. Yep, GTA: SA is so far only being developed for PS2. That is supposedly scheduled for summer of 2004 and so we probobly won't see it out on pc until a few months later, if at all.
  10. Great work guys. The new character selection and multi spawn features are looking splendid.
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