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    local acc = mysql_query(connect, "SELECT * FROM `accounts` WHERE `login` = '" .. login .. "' AND `password` = '" .. pass .. "'")
  2. I don't know from where you have got it. If you don't know what is this I can say that you stole this script.
  3. Im not sure that xml is a bad way. You can use my xmldb. Thank's xmldb you can make your databases in xml file. http://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p= ... ls&id=2250
  4. hxv

    Mute mapmusic.

    You can make variable local turnedOn = false function toggleRadioGUI() if turnedOn == false then turnedOn = true -- here radio is running else turnedOn = false -- here radio is turned off end end then just put condition : if turnedOn == false then .... and something like that
  5. hxv


    It's all on wiki, just read it all http://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/getTickCount This function returns amount of time that your system has been running in milliseconds. By comparing two values of getTickCount, you can determine how much time has passed (in milliseconds) between two events. This could be used to determine how efficient your code is, or to time how long a player takes to complete a task.
  6. Why? xml is very popular in these times, there are few ways to store your data: - MySQL - xml - or your own unknown way ( I have created one time file with .data format and scripted it to little database )
  7. hxv


    server side: addEventHandler("onPlayerLogin", localPlayer, function() -- here your code to hide dx and gui end ) The dx or GUI will not hide when you will write bad login or pass without any conditions.
  8. hxv


    client, I have changed false) to ,false) addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart",root, function() loginButton = guiCreateButton(634, 323, 117, 37, "Zaloguj!", false) loginPassLabel = guiCreateLabel(481, 244, 48, 56, "Login:\n\n\nHaslo:", false) guiSetFont(loginPassLabel,"default-bold-small") registerLabel = guiCreateLabel(363, 424, 397, 86, "Jesli nie posiadasz konta, udaj sie na nasze forum i zarejestruj konto.\nKolejnym krokiem bedzie zalozenie postaci.\n\n\n[url=http://www.LostHeaven.pl]http://www.LostHeaven.pl[/url]", false) guiSet
  9. That function which you have showed is invalid. There are not any events etc. This one is valid: function omg_tour() tour = createObject(13607, 238, -1836.2998046875, 13.60000038147, 0, 0, 3.25) createBlipAttachedTo ( tour, 0, 2, 100, 0, 0, 255, 0, 99999.0, getRootElement()) end addEventHandler("onResourceStart",root,omg_tour) and I don't understand what is this: omgMovetour(1) if you want make moving object then just use moveObject function. I don't know too if this is client or server side script. If this is client side then you don't need to add getRootEleme
  10. hxv

    Mute mapmusic.

    Create own event then and get this chunk from the function that uses bind 'm', and create new function that will stop when the music from the GUI radio is turned on
  11. hxv

    How to Add Items

    Use map editor browser for that. http://wiki.mtasa.com/wiki/Resource-Editor.htm
  12. hxv

    [HELP]Top Times

    You mean sliding Top Times from specified side to specified position? I'm sorry but I don't understand your problem completely. But if you want to make sliding Top Times you can make frames. this example slides label "text" from center to right side local label = guiCreateLabel ( 0.5, 0.5, 1, 1, "text", true ) function executeSlide() -- frame one setTimer( function() guiSetPosition(label,0.5,0.5,true) end ,100,1) -- frame two setTimer( function() guiSetPosition(label,0.6,0.5,true) end ,200,1) -- frame three setTimer( func
  13. hxv

    Mute mapmusic.

    onClientPlayerRadioSwitch getRadioChannel
  14. hxv

    Next Map

    There are two ways to fix this problem: - check if any maps are uploaded - reupload 'race' resource
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