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  1. Cső. Király mapok, mióta MTA-zol... SKC ukrán team?
  2. But not what I mean when you go up to the server without having to enter /login password
  3. RoGeRSkiLL


    Hello. I want to ask to be set to automatic login?
  4. I did as I described, but it does not work not at all. Somebody can upload a rar file you doing? Thanks in advance!
  5. Hello, I would like to ask to be welcome to post pictures and music on the server? Thanks in advance for the answer.
  6. Either way I do it always prints the same ... : @ I do not understand why.
  7. FFS just go to the maps server? or give it to other servers as well?
  8. Somebody help me please. I want to put your own music tracks and when I put it in the scripts and start the server then this error message when downloading: Error downloading requested files. HTTP response code said error. [The requested URL returned error: 404] [song.mp3] Before an image: http://www.kephost.com/view3.php?filena ... znlqck.bmp A thank you in advance for your reply.
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