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  1. I think you're supposed to use the editor just for development purposes.
  2. Oh, I used to had ideas like you, but that was 2 years ago. And they got stolen from other german servers. And I don't really care, because when people steal ideas, they do and there is nothing you can do about this. If someone else have this idea, try work together and not against each other
  3. It's also possible to add a MTA option (gridlist) where you can add allowed webpages that can be opened. (With wildcards, www.youtube.*)
  4. Noneatme

    Green Candy

    I did, I would not ask if I didn't Anyway, it's cool too see what's already done.
  5. Would be very usefull for livestreaming (Twitch) events Maybe it's possible to add a cancelable event called onPlayerWebsiteRequest (server-side) to block websites.
  6. Noneatme

    Green Candy

    I have no permissions to create a new entry in the bugtracker, so I write it down here: First thing: getElementDistanceFromCentreOfMassToBaseOfModel returns negative values. Second thing: infinite rendering doesn't work for me (Well, I don't know If I'm doing it correctly but my game runs at 5 FPS with render distance of 9999) /Edit: Half the map works
  7. In germany, there's a one-person limit - €450 / month. If you exeed this amount, you are forced to pay taxes. (There's some other stuff going on, but it's kinda a summary.) So unfortunately, it's legal to earn money with it in germany. (some german roleplay servers earn €33.500 / year using MTA... that's jaw-dropping D: )
  8. It's a R* Bug, It keeps happening between 21:00 and 6:00 if the weather id is bigger than 20. Ask your server staff to change the weather to 0.
  9. Same with car windows. Maybe R* fault
  10. Ready to loose? Here comes flappy bird, in MTA! Well, it's self-explaining. How does it work? This game is exacly that what you can play on your mobile phone. Press the left mouse button to guide flappy throught the pipes. Press 'L' to enable/disable Flappy Birds. Download http://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=8708 or http://mta-scripting.net/files/FlappyBirds.zip Images Have fun! Greetings, Noneatme
  11. Hello everybody, I have a silly question. Is there any way to remove the default interior objects (the savehouses!)? Maybe by parsing the .IPL files in the GTA directory, but I'm not sure which one. Thanks for replys
  12. Yes this is possible, but this resource builds on trust, and you are also not committed to use it. We don't ban people because we want to. Greetings, Noneatme
  13. Yes, but you can use triggerLatentClientEvent too, so you will be able to get the maximum file size and things like that.
  14. Introducing, the Global Ban System™! What is this? The Global Ban System™ is a global ban system. Any player who is present in the Global Ban System Database™ is banned from every server, if the server use this resource. Why? This system provides some various advantages: - Prevention of redundant bans (your database -> this database) - Server staffs can save energy and time for bans, they don't need to execute - Global Ban System, as the name tells. Many games have that too. (Valve AC, Punkbuster, that's exactly that) So how does this work? We don't insert bans every time someone
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