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  1. No bumps meant. I solved this by re-installing GTA SA, however I had to torrent it, because my CD was broken apparently. I downgraded to 1.00 and everything's working.
  2. 'Ay, I recently installed GTA SA and MTA 1.3.1, after re-installing Windows 7. I open it and after the GTA SA splash screen, it goes into the main menu and immediately closes itself after, without any error. It may have to do with me having Windows 7 64 bit, perhaps? I tried setting it to run on Windows XP SP3 compatibility and as admin, but it still happens. Is there anyone here, who could help me? Best regards, Chuck Edit: I check to see if GTA SA works on single player. It doesn't. It gets to main menu and crashes. Perhaps I have the wrong version of GTA SA? Edit: Here's a dxdiag of m
  3. Uhhm? Maybe because after "down" in the bindkey, it must be the function's name, which is invisible? Why am I saying maybe... Well anyway, that's why it isn't working.
  4. Nope. They transfer the interiors server-sided, which is NOT saved on your PC. Only they're client sided scripts are saved.
  5. You could've just used upgrade in the console.
  6. Unnecessarily bump. I got this code: Server-side addEvent ( "objcrt", true ); addEventHandler ( "objcrt", root, function ( chk ) outputChatBox ( tostring ( chk ) ); -- check here what outputs toggleAllControls ( source, true ); showCursor ( source, false ); local nX, nY, nZ = getElementPosition ( source ); local nX2, nY2 = 0, 0 local nZ2 = getPedRotation( source ) if ( chk == 0 ) then rbobj0 = createObject(1459, nX, nY, nZ-0.5, nX2, nY2, nZ2); elseif ( chk == 1 ) then rbo
  7. Oh yeah, I totally forgot >.>. Edit: Did some tweaks to it and it works. However, I still don't know how to give them a continuous ID, like make a roadblock and set it to ID 1, then make another one, ID 2 and so on. That would help me make a delete roadblock command.
  8. I wanted the object to be rotated, depending on my rotation. That's the thing that doesn't work. It doesn't do that.
  9. You did help, but the getElementRotation doesn't get the rotation, apparently, because the object isn't rotated how I want it to be.
  10. Works, but getElementRotation doesn't seem to work, it just spawns the object rotated normally, not depending on my rotation, using Jayz's code, fixed by absence. Edit: No errors.
  11. Se numeste factiune, si ba da au. Daca este gang oficial, poti cumpara ingrediente de droguri, sa faci droguri, sa cumperi arme, tot felul. Probabil ca asta e si la server. Oricum, furaciune, am fost pe el azi, e aceeasi chestia ca un valhalla vechi.
  12. Yeah, it kinda works. Still gives an error at getElementRotation and nothing happens after that.
  13. I didn't notice I changed it to ipairs. Thanks for explaining. I will change it now and see if it works.
  14. Still didn't figure how to fix and add those things.
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