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  1. Hello Please can I execute some ressource for only some users ?? For example : only the group "ABC" run the ressource "XYZ" .. thanks
  2. Yussuf

    Kill historic

    ok thanks ! I searched in server.log but the kill message don't appear !!
  3. Yussuf

    Kill historic

    no : for example i would know yesterday who killed player A .. the historic
  4. Yussuf

    Kill historic

    I mean for example : X killed Y A killed B I would know it !
  5. Yussuf

    Kill historic

    Hello ! Please can i know the kill Historic of the server ! I need it !!
  6. Yussuf

    Hide Ip adress

    Ok ! but I would change my server location ! so Hideing IP or changing IP !!
  7. Yussuf

    Hide Ip adress

    I would Hide my Ip to avoid hacking ..And the most important thing , I would change my server location so if one tape the IP , the server appear in an other place !
  8. Hello Pleass I have a problem : I have 2 account : I lost the password of one of them and when i tried to get it from internal.db : the passwrd was in a numeric form ! I went to know it ! any idea to convert it to text form ?
  9. Yussuf

    Hide Ip adress

    Hello ! Please , can I hide my IP adress ? I tried to do it but the port was not open.. any idea ?
  10. Hello ! Please how can I add new vehicle to my server (without using modloader ) Thanks
  11. Thanks Solidsnake14 for your help Thank you so much Evil-Cod3r I modified your resource like this (without checking if it's running or not ) function this ( theResource ) local they = getResourceFromName ( "freeroam" ) if getResourceFromName then restartResource(they) end end setTimer (this, 10000,0 ) Simple ^^
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