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    Sorry man wish I could help you. Its like no one ever posts any information the person asks for here lol.
  2. No offense to you man but he has made a fool out of himself. Honestly I agree with you and he should respect the topic. If he can't do that he should not be posting. All I saw from his first posts here is majority bashing of people that are a part of this community. Trust me SAMP is a lot worse. MTA is getting their as well though.
  3. Do you even know what a life story is called? Its called a Biography not a life story. Another thing a Biography is more then four to five words genius. Seriously go back to school I have my degree's why don't you have anything other then being a complete idiot. Not even knowing two very simple terms. That are very and completely different. Also I have met a few Swedish people in my life, and they are as idiotic as you. They think they know everything mostly their children are worse. When they get shown up and outsmarted and witted they act the same as you. I never gave you my life story the d
  4. 1. I typed Sweden not Swedish people. Which Swedish people still is not a race, its a nationality. Learn to read idiot. 2. "Can't be answered"? That has nothing behind it so its useless to have even typed and posted. 3. Paul's name was Gino normally on ventrilo etc. Paul Wall was his FOM name.
  5. = Same :~. You really are a braindead , aren't you? Oh yes, I is mad noaw. You actually provoke people to commit suicide over the internet. Do you even realize how big of an idiot you really are? What you dont realize is, you trashed this topic on your own even though you think the topic matters even the slightest bit. But to be honest, I have no idea how to actually explain to you how stupid you actually are. I'll let you grab some more life experience in the so mentioned military you were located at till you figure it out yourself. But lets make something clear, I'm far from a kiddo. I'
  6. Okay hypocrite I am done arguing with your moronic ideals. You are what 12? From sweden running your mouth and yet have no idea what power hunger is. Also I have met a few people power hungry on MTA. One last thing idiot, I do mean to insult you. Because you are to stupid to know anything about the world. You are nothing more or less then a hypocrite and have NO clue in how the world really works. Talk to me when you live by yourself have kids and a wife, and work for the military. Kid you have years before you have any true wisdom behind your ignorant and foolish mind. Where did he say "Stop
  7. Wow what a idiot in your previous post you typed for people to not judge other people for doing the things they have done, yet you are doing the same thing, and a RP server that uses another base script from valhalla etc is not an original server and is terrible sorry but I rather have the original compared to a copy cat server. Alright then what is Morals and Common Sense genius? I hate the vG script and I knew Shoxi, Saint and Paul the ORIGINAL owners of vG. Honestly have you even red this thread? No one ever said one thing even about making custom scripts. The thread poster is stating, kids
  8. Therefore your book is moronic and idiotic. I never said it erased the past. Learn to read seriously. You are ignorant and a fool. Do you even know what Moral and Common Sense is? Obviously not. You are the only one who is bashing someone that EVERYONE is agreeing with. Because you are that one kid who wants power. Are you going to say I did these things to? How would you know? You have never met me. The truth is you're just trying to start a argument and have no idea what you are posting. You are judging him on his past correct? So obviously you are a hypocrite in your own ideals. Do us the f
  9. Are there any Fallout, or Post Apocalyptic, or actual Zombie Roleplay servers that involve factions and etc? That actually involves true survival type RP as well? Because I searched in the server area of the forums and can't find one.
  10. Actually he did state that he has been there and done that. He never said he didn't do the same things he is just stating that its tiresome to see a great community. Become overran by kids who want power and hate other servers because they were banned. As well trying to show off and say "My server is better then your server". Also that does not make him a hypocrite since he admitted to doing it himself. A hypocrite is someone who tells you not to do one thing and then turns around and does it them self. In my book he is not a hypocrite and he is right. I have seen the same thing and been a vic
  11. Are there any Roleplay servers that still has the custom CJ Skin function around? on San Andreas MTA of course.
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