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  1. Just for the ones having the same problem: You have to add an collision="1" to each of your objects in the .map file, if you want them to be collided with colShapes. Thanks anyways for the help, qaisjp.
  2. *push* Still no solution? It recognizes ALL other objects in other .map files, just my ATMs in my atm.map not...
  3. nope, still no luck, even when removing the type-tag...
  4. I restarted the server a hundreds of times... still won't work =/ Btw: it recognizes other objects created by other .map files, just not the .map file with my ATMs...
  5. Doing this with the MySQL module is actually quite easy: local host = "localhost" local user = "root" local pass = "123456" local db = "mta" local cmdstring = "INSERT INTO `accounts` (username, skin, money, ip) VALUES ('"..username.."', "..skin..", " ..money.. ", '" ..ipaddress .. "')" local result = mysql_query(connection, cmdstring) if(result) then --saving was successful end
  6. Oh, here's an example of the .map file, in which the objects are defined: <object id="atm8" doublesided="false" model="2942" interior="0" dimension="0" posX="-1980.5885009766" posY="131.54470825195" posZ="27.33039855957" rotX="0" rotY="0" rotZ="270" type="atm" />
  7. Yes, when I create it ingame it works... so what is the problem with loading it with .map files? Something with collisions maybe?
  8. Yes, I'm right next to it. I expanded the range too, no success...
  9. Hm, with the vehicle it works. If it helps: the object is being created in a .map file, not in the script itself. What could it be?
  10. Hey there, I'm working with colShapes for quite some time now, and they've worked so far. But now I'm working on a command where I need to know the objects in the player's range. The colShape is being created (I tested it already), but it says there is only 1 object in range (the player himself). local x, y, z = getElementPosition(thePlayer) local atmSphere = createColSphere(tonumber(x), tonumber(y), tonumber(z), tonumber(20.0)) local atms = getElementsWithinColShape(atmSphere) outputChatBox(tostring(table.getn(atms))) What am I doing wrong?
  11. Oh that's something! Thanks dude!
  12. Hi guys, I'm a beginner at LUA and after creating an account system with MySQL (which works just fine), I'm trying to make the GUI more comfortable, so that the players can just enter their password (I somehow managed to focus on the textedit element haha) and hit their Enter-key on their keyboard! I know how the bindKey function works, and I managed to get it working on keys like F1, F2, ... but it just won't let me do it with the Enter-key! My code: guiSetVisible(tabPanel, true) guiBringToFront(edtPass) --guiSetInputMode("allow_binds") I tried it with and without guiSetInputMode (
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