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  1. Como le agrego sombra a los textos?
  2. I place the server in the last without anything more?
  3. where I place it? thanks for replying
  4. I do not understand what the "THE TEAM"
  5. Where I put this? thanks for replying all
  6. Yes, you did me the script that works well? thanks for replying
  7. the color of the team should get on the radar with the color of their team on blip help me please ------------ -- Events -- ------------ function playerJoined() check(source) end addEventHandler("onPlayerJoin",getRootElement(),playerJoined) function playerChangedNick(oldNick,newNick) -- Use timer to wait until the nick really has changed setTimer(check,1000,1,source) end addEventHandler("onPlayerChangeNick",getRootElement(),playerChangedNick) function playerQuit() removePlayerFromTeam(source) end addEventHandler("onPlayerQuit",getRootElement(),pl
  8. Donde me puedo descargar el script editor?
  9. thanks and as I change the size and add shadow?
  10. chaminvnzla


    and add color to these things Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  11. I do not understand the English I speak Spanish help me please PD: I use a translator google
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