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  1. umm... so can I get some help?
  2. Maukka

    Underwater swimming

    I have tried, but there always comes error 404 UPDATE:Oh. Got it working thx
  3. Maukka

    Underwater swimming

    umm... I can only see one pic there... Help my noob ass... again
  4. sorry for me being such a noob, but what is a image tag?
  5. How can I get my avatar work? Always when I put an image only a X mark is shown and the URL disappears from my profile.
  6. Maukka

    A new level

    I hope that the map in future versions has other cars, not just gang cars and a couple of other models...
  7. I'm not going to play this mod until the next version arrives... When I play MTA There are all the usuall things like people on the roof and anyone isnt moving, I dont think that anyone likes just to drive in a empty city. hope the MTA team makes it a lot better... And I know that this is a new game and it cannot be perfect yet. Maybe the versions 0.35 or 0.4 will be better... i'm really waiting for the multiple people in one car thing... Hope you understand my english...
  8. Maukka

    East Side Gang

    I would really like to join your clan
  9. Yea... I got the same problem. I have this thing too that there are about 8 points on one roof...
  10. I'm wondering why is there so little amount of people playing MTA?? When I look in to the servers in ASE there are about 4 players in biggest servers! And this one thing bugs me a lot. In server I watch in the radar and I see that there are a huge amount of people on a roof of some house. Why dont the cars that have another players inside them move?? are they just AFK or is that normal?
  11. Thanks but I already got it work. Thx anyway.
  12. How the hell can I get GTA 3 MTA in my ASE? All my other multiplayer games go there automatically, but GTA 3 MTA won't. Could someone help my noob ass??
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