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  1. Never mind, i fixed it, i just turned off anti-cheat, its only me and my friend there anyways
  2. I always get kicked now from MY own server, I get this strange kick messege: KICK: Sarge was kicked from the game by Console HELP ME
  3. Is it possible through a menu to select weapon attachments? Like silencers, red dots (that just shows a other crosshair), flashlights, laser sights and so on? Oh, and grenade launcher if possible, and im a MW2 fan, so maybe a masterkey? (GL and MK AK and M4 only) These are the attachments i want so far: Red dot sight Silencer Acog scope (increases the sight distance) Holographic sight Grenade launcher Rapid fire Masterkey Shotgun Extended mags (increases the magazine size by 10% or some shit) Flashlight Laser (the one you put on the side of your gun?)
  4. Sure he mean the DeathMatch gamemode
  5. I got ZERO knowlage how that works, if someone could be so kind and make that as a recourse for me? (sorry if i typed something wrong)
  6. I will go test it out, but is it possible to have 2 sounds play at the same time? Or is it that i just add it twise? And is it possible when i press a button a sound plays? (mw2 killstreak style, and for ALL players in the server) Im sorry, maybe i did it wrong, i have NO idea how to make a resource, maybe you can? Becouse i dont
  7. Is this possible? If so, how? And i want 2 sounds to be playes at the same time, i have mw2 sounds, and i thought it would be cool
  8. Ok then, i will try to remember it, tho that i dont know what i used for text tho, (?)
  9. NVM, i use /bind num_[NUMBER] say [sOMETHING]
  10. Got what i was looking for, close this, administrators or moderators!
  11. Sarge

    First person

    No i didnt, i mean a script, not a gamemode
  12. Sarge

    First person

    Not to be bad or something, but those two doesnt work for me for some reason, well, truefps worked, but is fucked up, (no offence) and i need some "COD" style fps script, if someone could make one
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