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  1. I've seen your server as well, you said our's is a SANL copy right? .. well seems like there's a hypocrite out here. Stop talking down about other rpg servers.
  2. well, looks like your wrong atm. I was moving, and my internet was out for weeks due to that.
  3. Some is a major understatment. Tank, pm me if your still interested.
  4. No, It isn't worth it. You are going to be scripting an mta server for which I will be paying for the site and the hosting and I wont make any profit off of it. Give me 1 reason why I should pay you and i'll pay you.
  5. Hello everybody. After 2-3 weeks of downtime, after our hosting problem, we have decided to stop waiting for it to be resolved and do something. I will do my best to get a host and a website again. USSA|RPG is recruiting anybody with that knows LUA or HTTP/PHP. We need a few more scripters and some people to help out with the site. If you're interested add me on skype at : ZalmonMTA We appreciate everyone for being so patient and waiting for USSA|RPG. If you can host/script/help in any way please feel free to do so. Thats all we have to say on the matter. - USSA Owner, Zalmon
  6. The host has been down. It will be back up in 2-3 days.
  7. Well due to the fact that he said that he loves saur and was spamming saur on our forums we just assumed it had to do with you guys.
  8. Zalmon

    Ped help

    Can somebody please help me quickly?
  9. Zalmon

    Ped help

    if head ~= true then means if head is false then if I do head == true then that would mean if the ped is headless then make him headless lol
  10. Zalmon

    Police team gui

    expected near end means you have too many ends btw. It won't fix the problem because you used server side functions in client side, but it will get you a little closer.
  11. Zalmon

    Ped help

    Okay, I want all of these peds to be headless and onfire.. I get an error "bad arguemnet @line 13" line 13 is the line that checks if they're headless or not. myZombies = { } zomb1 = createPed ( 0, 3340.4311523438, -1166.7451171875, 1077.25390625 ) zomb2 = createPed ( 0, 3341.4311523438, -1166.7451171875, 1077.25390625 ) zomb3 = createPed ( 0, 3342.4311523438, -1166.7451171875, 1077.25390625 ) zomb4 = createPed ( 0, 3343.4311523438, -1166.7451171875, 1077.25390625 ) zomb5 = createPed ( 0, 3340.4311523438, -1167.7451171875, 1077.25390625 ) zomb6 = createPed ( 0, 3298.4875488281, -1209.2786865234, 1077.25390625 ) zomb7 = createPed ( 0, 3298.4875488281, -1208.2786865234, 1077.25390625 ) zomb8 = createPed ( 0, 3298.4875488281, -1207.2786865234, 1077.25390625 ) zomb9 = createPed ( 0, 3298.4875488281, -1206.2786865234, 1077.25390625 ) zomb10 = createPed ( 0, 3298.4875488281, -1205.2786865234, 1077.25390625 ) function onStart() for k, ped in pairs( myZombies ) do head = isPedHeadless(ped) if head ~= true then setPedOnFire(ped, true) setPedHeadless(ped, true) end end end end addEventHandler("onResourceStart", resourceRoot, onStart)
  12. Zalmon

    Disable motion blur

    There is, I'll search it for you. Hm, okay I found the link I was looking for. Read this It should help.
  13. Alright, sorry for the misunderstanding. I guess it was just a fan of SAUR, because he was talking with me and I was using google translator (Translating his Spanish to English). Apparently he is "from" SAUR and he hates USSA. He is probably just a regular player. Once again, sorry for any inconvenience.
  14. Nah, it's just a name made up by an old Latin friend of mine. Our server has people of all races. Also, thanks tank007. I hoped to get more feedback, but this is fine.
  15. Okay, as many of you have noticed, I have posted a few topics about this already, and we didn't launch then. This time, we will really launch. I'm sorry for the previous times. We had errors then, for instance the 1st time our entire server collapsed because we couldn't handle the many users that joined. The second time, mta 1.1 was released and we had to edit a lot of our scripts to make it work. This time, it will honestly launch. We have worked on this server for over 8 months and are proud of what we have accomplished. I don't want to go into detail about the features, just know that it has all of the features that any rpg server has and more. By more, I don't mean pets like saur, I mean things that actually affect gameplay. We haven't decided on a date yet, but we will do so soon. Also, we need some staff members to keep order while our admins and moderators are away, so if you are interested check for the topic on the website ( ). We hope to launch very soon. I hope that we will have a large number of users on our initial launch. If you are able to help in anyway, please either reply here, or pm me on the site. For updates, info, and more go to the site : Thanks for your time - The USSA|RPG Dev Team.