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  1. Hi, I need some serious, and only serious person ,programmer or scripter to make Stat and Rank script for Stealth Server. Payment will be made with PayPal, no other way. Script needs to show player that has the best : 1)Accuracy of shooting (headshoots %,body%) 2)Kills/deaths ratio 3)TOP 10,30,50,100 Script. So when you type /top10 it will show the top 10 players with ratio. Also need rank script. This is just some basic info, Please only serious programmers to contact me. PM me,or email me for details.
  2. Of course man,forum is about making an opinion,nah I do not take harsh criticism, It is alright. I was just trying to get some albums here,have anyone here ever had some or maybe a friend of a friend of a friend,had some ? Its not a fraud,if you have something that I really need I am willing to pay in advance,Wire Transfer,or even Western Union,who by the way is having killer provisions like 10% on each transfer,at least that´s the case here in Serbia.
  3. Thanks Zerbian,my compatriot I know that here it´s just useless,anyway I had some time,so I wrote a post,in order to say hello to my old MTA friends,this Stickers and albums thing was just something to write,although I would appreciate if somebody would find this interesting,and useful for me eventually. And now I am marked as a fraud man,well thanks for that people. Well,Zerbian, I am always in the mood for Clan war in stealth mode,if you can gather up FMJ,maybe in 10 days,I know that Denver and others have some exams,maybe we can revive stealth
  4. Well mate, I have no reason to trick anyone here,as I said,I could send money in advance. 31 Post says nothing,I have no time for chatting here, but I am active mta player for 5 years,maybe you do not know me,I am the leader of the best stealth clan atm. I guess Zerbian and all others FMJ know me very well. So,trust or no,I just gave suggestions here,I do not believe that anybody here has albums and other stuff that I am willing to buy. Regards, Slim
  5. Hello guys. Just in case that you might be interested in earning additional pocket money. This is not a fraud,I think as a clan leader and respected MTA player,I have earned enough of your trust and respect. To begin with,I am sticker collector and salesman. What do I need from you ? Well if you happen to have stickers and albums,from your childhood or your parents,grandparents,etc, I am willing to buy that from you. What are albums and stickers ? Well that is sport/cartoon memorabilia that a person collects just for fun. Here are a few of pic to make it simple : Well if you ever
  6. http://gcc2.clan.su/index/memories/0-12 for all of you who want to revive old memories from 2.3 versions,all pros are welcome! the "Memories Tournament" begins soon!
  7. Old stealth is back! tournaments will be played,memories revived http://gcc2.clan.su/index/memories/0-12 enjoy and apply ! all ex 2,3 pros ! your welcome!
  8. Also stealing other people`s ideas. thats why nobody likes him nor his scripts.
  9. thats a lot of rage for someone of your age,relax kid,play if you want nobodys forcing your ass to play.
  10. lol,dont get carried away,its just help for very good scripting effort,people should know and appriciate it ..
  11. Chuck Norris just couldn`t resist playing on our Stealth and Zombe Server,he is very good,but not good to beat our best MTA Anti-Hack I think pictures say for itself. For any question about server,fell free to ask. Enjoy your playing at CHAOS.DE.TO
  12. Ok.Lets just agree yous server is good,but it has so many things to be done still on it.But weapon sync is quite inovative and good.
  13. yes,your server is not bad in some point,but its not "good old stealth"
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