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  1. Is player spawned, when you give him weapon?
  2. Sorry, I think if "DNS spreading" isn't ended, page will be white, not 404 Not Found (I have that when I change site DNS). P.S mtasa.pl - you are polish? .pl is polish domain: http://polish-citizenship.eu
  3. Hello I looking for whirlpool hashing for MTA, is it available? I found this: https://github.com/mabako/mta-whirlpool but only for Windows Thanks for help
  4. Nie widzę tu pliku .map. To chyba nie jest do MTA, tylko zwykła modyfikacja gry, poprawiająca grafikę. W sumie nawet nie wiem, staram się pomóc jak umiem ;p
  5. Good morning I have two questions to you: 1. How to check, is player standing in pickup? 2. Is in MTA something like 3D Text Labels from SA-MP? Sorry for bugs, I don't speak english very well I use: http://translator.telewizor.eu Regards, Minokon
  6. Thank very much for help. I will use it. My head thinking like in SA-MP, I just used to, maybe somobody know how to create global variable in Pawn Regards, Minokon
  7. Hello I have next question: Can I create variable which I can use in all resources? If I can, how do create it? Thanks for help. http://polish-law.strefa.pl/ Regards, Minokon
  8. Thank you! So in client-side scripts I have to use: setElementData(getLocalPlayer(), "Money", value) And I can read this in server-side scripts? And other, maybe stupid question: saved data with that function is avaiable to read in all resources? P.S I'm sorry because I'm some green in Lua @DOWN This isn't problem I can't understand some words, and google translate can't help too. Here language is some simplier for me Sorry for problem, which I creating.
  9. So I must use tables? Like: local pVehicle = { } pVehicle[thePlayer] = vehicle Other question: In client-side script I don't have to use tables? Only local pVehicle pVehicle = vehicle
  10. Welcome I have next question: How to create variables for one player? Like PVars in SA-MP, function which you can use to save some data for player. Thanks for help
  11. Minokon


    When use ex. "/trololo" save that in variable and start timer, which reset that variable. You must add condition in function attached to command. Ex.: -- in your command: if (soundMuted == false) then -- your command code soundMuted = true setTimer(...) -- i don't remember params now end
  12. I writed that up: I haven't any resource (only gamemode with spawnPlayer) and command /login works. I haven't any admin resource.
  13. Hello My next question: Can I use functions from included resource? Like in meta.xml I have: <include resource="SomeScript" /> And I can use functions from SomeScript in my current resource? Thanks
  14. Ok, so: 1. Why there isn't command "login" when I type "help" in console? 2. Why command "/ver" doesn't work when I type it into chat, but when I type "ver" in console it works? Sorry, because this maybe is stupid questions, but I must know all before I start scripting Now I try to "ride" MTA commands.