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  1. This may sound like a silly question, but has anybody e-mailed me about working on MTAVC? I got a vague e-mail "regarding my application" with a zipped attachment. My guess is that it's part of the first ugly wave of spam I'm getting at my new e-mail address, but I wanted to make sure I wasn't ignoring anybody important by deleting it.
  2. Thanks, that compiles just fine. Any idea why the Hunter spawns twice? Maybe the spot is a little too high, so it thinks it's no longer there after it falls and hits the pavement? I just finished my Bullet Time mission script in GTAMA. It's available with both the compiled main.scm and the source code at http://home.southernct.edu/~baileyr3/ss-bullettime.zip if you'd like to take a look.
  3. I still can't make a new project compile in Vice, but I've gotten around that by decompiling a stripped script originally compiled in Barton's. Everything's running smoothly now, or would be, if I could get variables to store decimal values...
  4. I've got it sorted out and have some ghetto test code of my own running. I had two problems, which I will detail in case it will help somebody else: When you decompile the project for the first time, do not forget to click the "this is a vice city project" button! Stupid, stupid mistake ... but it decompiled just fine, so I didn't notice what I had done. I spent hours screwing with the code when all I had to do was tell the compiler to make a Vice City .scm instead of GTA3. Also, when creating a new project, the "this is a vice city project" button is greyed and cannot be clicked. There's no
  5. I wish it was just my code that was causing problems, but nothing I do with it works. Decompiling the original main.scm file goes fine, and it looks very nice and readable in the IDE program, and recompiling it also works. When I run Vice City it crashes on a new game, and also crashes on loading an old game (even when the main.scm files should be identical). It seems to be compiling files that simply don't work -- Rockstar's original code should recompile and run just fine, right? Hell, even if it didn't, the blank script created by the decompiler ought to work with the compiler. I'll have to
  6. I have dan's assembler running, and I converted my bullet time script to the format. It compiled fine, but crashes when I start a new game. The new project stripped file doesn't run (although it compiles), and my decompiled stock copy of main.scm also crashes when I recompile and run it. Maybe I downloaded the wrong packages from those links or something. Does anybody who has it working have any suggestions for me? (edit: I wasn't very clear about why it wasn't working, so I clarified.)
  7. I've downloaded dan's assembler and I'm going to take a look at it tonight. I like the format better, I just hope I can get it to run without crashing this time.
  8. I tried Dan's assembler, but I couldn't get it to work. I think the format is a lot nicer and I'd rather use it, or the c-language-style compiler that other guy is working on (and has not yet released). The last time I checked on vGTAasm, it had been abandoned and not picked up, so I started working with Barton's. http://home.southernct.edu/~baileyr3/stripped.zip That's mostly stripped; I think a few pickups are still laying around.
  9. I'm using Barton's editor version .13 at the moment. I've got .135 on hand. Since it requires a fresh decompile, I don't want to switch over until I've more or less finished the scripts I'm working on. I don't want to lose my commenting in the middle of a project. Also: speeding could be varied by map area (airport/docks/haiti/beach1, 2, 3, etc) but not by street. I don't think red light checks and wrong side of the road checks can be handled in main.scm, but they might be accessible from a trainer or the MTA client. That data is all in memory -- ped cars follow the right rules -- but there a
  10. My mad skizills. Well, since you still have the request up, I thought I'd send you a better application than that meager previous post. The linked .zip archive above has a main.scm mod-in-progress that I have been working on for, uh, a day, so it's a little rough around the edges. At the moment I think I am the only person to have released a teargas pickup mod (although it's a simple code change and nothing to really fuss about), and I am loosely affiliated with the GTA: Motor City project. First warning: there's a little debugging code in this script, so you may get some numbers flashing ab
  11. Instead of a "sky box," you should make "dead" players roam around as invisible or semitransparent ghosts. Maybe, like in Mario Kart 64, they can still hurt other players by running into them or something...
  12. That would be a great mod, but we don't need Vice City to do it. You could easily make the police a third team in MTA on GTA3, and have it follow these rules. I'd like to see more "teams" like that -- maybe fire and paramedic teams that, you know, put out fires and provide aid to the wounded. If the net code was tight enough to support a hundred players or so, you could get complex, real-time societies forming in the game. Massively multiplayer GTA roleplaying... that'd be hot.
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