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  1. Project seems promising, definitely something I'd love to see! Good luck fellas, will definitely be there for the release.
  2. Don't settle for good, demand what is better. My topic is in here
  3. Hello, I'm Samer/Baseplate and I'm here looking for paid scripting opportunities. Who am I? I'm Samer 'Baseplate' Belgacem, it has been more than seven years as a regular and active MTA player. And I've been a lua scripter for more than 5 years. I'm currently 19 years old and doing computer science and telecommunications engineering, I have a huge experience with programming and everything related to scripting. What do I do? Pretty much everything as I will be showcasing below some of my scripts, I've worked on various projects as developer such as GTi, CSG, AUR, USG, etc
  4. As the title says, how is it possible to attract players on MTA nowadays? I've seen a lot of servers with unique gamemodes and ideas fail or simply closed cause of lack of motivation and players.
  5. How the :O did I actually miss this? I edited the script and made it pass the variables instead of the whole table, works perfectly now. Thanks pa3ck and walid!
  6. I tried that one too before I even posted this topic, doesn't work too. The getBans() table doesn't pass from the server to client side somehow.
  7. Server side function setBans() triggerClientEvent("setBans", resourceRoot, getBans()) outputChatBox("Server side says we have "..#getBans()) end addEvent("outputBans", true) addEventHandler("outputBans", root, setBans) #getBans() returns 1 in here. Client side While in client side, #bans returns 0. function setBans(bans) outputChatBox("Client says we have "..#bans) for k, v in ipairs(bans) do local row = guiGridListAddRow (stfgrd5) local serial = tostring(v.serial) or "N/A" local duration = tostring(v.time) or "N/A" local ip
  8. Baseplate


    Thank fuck, thanks mate works like a charm mate!
  9. Baseplate


    function getOnlineMems() local memsTable = {} for k, v in pairs (getElementsByType("player")) do if (isPlayerMem(v)) then table.insert(memsTable, v) return memsTable end end end Now pretty much, whenever I try to get the table it returns with 1 members only and doesn't return all the online members.
  10. Baseplate

    [WIP] LIFE

    Good, something unique and a hell-a useful and we spoke about it already, I can say it is pretty much well planned to prevent any abuse of such a good feature. As expected, keep up the good work lad!
  11. Officiel ca y est sa7bi kahaw ma3ach fiha klem? ayyyyyyyyyyy lmao.
  12. Why would I freaking bother? I'm talking to both of you.
  13. Take your fights away, go discuss it in private or whatever.
  14. Exactly, we don't have to sh*t a fu*k about it, take it as a lesson and learn protect your server well next time.
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