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  1. I have the idea of making a MTA server hosting service, but I'm not really sure how much I should charge per player slot, dediated IP, etc... Anyone wanna tell me what they think is a fair price to be charged for MTA hosting?
  2. From what I've heard, game time progresses based on how much you're lagging and shit, so say that means if I was lagging and he wasn't, he would progress faster. But what I was thinking was with the above mentioned method, it would force a client to automatically update every so often so lag will make little to no difference.
  3. Right Orange, cheers for that, that pretty much sums up what I wanted to know. And about the server location thing, only a total twat would do such a thing, I generally run things on the same machine or over my network at the most. I have also come up with another question regarding this topic: Lets say I wanted to create 2 servers (lets just say an RP and a race server hypothetically) and I wanted users to share the same account, money and cars across both, would I be right in assuming that a MySQL server would be better in that situation?
  4. Yep, because that wasn't what I did in the first place, was it? I'm sorry, but I can understand you having to put up with a fair amount of illiterate spiccy retards, however, I'm sure you should be able to tell I'm not one of them and would have tried things a few different ways BEFORE coming her.
  5. Gungneer

    Spawn problem

    Ah right. Well what I think is if this is happening to only you or existing players, it might be happening is you possibly used another resource before or something, and it improperly set the spawn location, in which case, you need to edit the account data on the accounts to clear the spawn location and such. If not, then I'm not sure, sorry. Also, have you got any sort of admin panel to warp you anywhere, where you can then know you're on land then log out, then log in and see if you respawn? If you have tried that, again, I'm sorry, but I don't know.
  6. Right, then I can safely say that this headache has got the better of my for now, 'cause I can't think of how to help you for shit, sorry. Hopefully someone else can come along and help.
  7. Gungneer

    Spawn problem

    And you can't copy any of the code from your code editor into here and use the tag?
  8. Although, y'know... If you want teh window there all the time, you just have to take out line 18 from your original code. Line is was: guiSetVisible(StatusW, false) You were setting it to not show by default, what I just tried to help you do was find a way to toggle it instead, but if you want it to show all the time, don't both with the toggle shit and just remove that line.
  9. Oh, my bad, I copied some shit from the Wiki and just edited it, I never edited it properly. Line to: bindKey("F1","down",toggleWindowVis) Use that instead, sorry.
  10. Gungneer

    Spawn problem

    Show me your spawn code?
  11. function toggleWindowVis(key,keyState) if guiGetVisible(StatusW) then guiSetVisible ( StatusW, false) else guiSetVisible ( StatusW, true) end end bindKey ( "F1", "down", funcInput ) Something like that.
  12. Gungneer

    Spawn problem

    When you spawn a player, set the Z to what you're going to set it as + 1.
  13. Make a command handler or bind a key to toggle the visible state of the window?
  14. Well as I said, I'm not sure how you can turn a map file on/off on command unless you write a function for it, if you have a .map file, I suggest making a resource with called "hotelmap" and in that just have "hotel.map" and the meta.xml to include it, and then you can turn it on and off by doing "/ hotelmap". Easiest method I could think of.
  15. Hmm... I'm not 100% that'll do EXACTLY what I need, but I'll deffinatly look into that 'cause it seems promising, thanks. Also, while I'm on this topic, does MTA support HTML formatting?
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