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  1. Hello! After a few days trying to optimize the download size of my server, I think i've reached a limit of what we can download on demand (using downloadFile and such) and I'm looking for ways to improve the download speed of the rest of the files. For some reason, this download is incredibly slow, considering both the server and my connection are pretty good (300mbps). I guess it's because the client makes a request for each file, but anyway. I've been looking for ways to speed this up and the only thing I've found so far is this old post: Using squid to speed up resource downloads
  2. First of all, nice job, really appreciated I have a question, why is not compatible with the old offsets? Is there any feasible workaround to work with them? I'm really interested in improving the performance of the bone_attach resource, since in my server is probably one of the most resource consuming script for the users, but, reworking all the offsets would be hours and hours of work. Thanks!
  3. Mimimiguel


    Hi, are you hosted in an OVH game server or a reseller of them? those with the OVH game protection.
  4. Hello! Simple question today, for the experts: How does having a bigger max player limit in the server affect performance? This does not imply having more players, just raising the max player limit. I think I read something years ago that said that MTA reserved more memory depending on this limit, but since I cannot find that topic, I'm opening this one. Thank you in advance!
  5. Can't thank you enough Patrick! Looks fantastic
  6. You can't, since that replaces not the 'font' from where GTA renders the plate, but the plate rendered afterwards. I know the thread was kind of dead but maybe someone has figured this out since that time
  7. How can I know who's using XP or Vista with that information? What I want to obtain is the users who are going to get "discontinued" in the next months. I don't see how region or MTA version number can help me to obtain that info. Thanks for your answer!
  8. I'm afraid that the function you mention does not suit this case, it only shows if it is Windows or macOS, not the version of the OS: Executing client-side command: inspect( getVersion() ) Command results: { mta = "1.5.6", name = "MTA:SA Client", number = 342, os = "Windows", sortable = "1.5.6-9.16588.5", tag = "1.5.6-release-16588", type = "Release" } [string]
  9. Hello! I've just seen the news of MTA dropping XP and Vista, in what I guess, will be the next version of the client. I was wondering if there's any way to obtain the operating system of an user, so I could specifically notify them ingame, and also collect data of how many of my userbase will be affected by this change. Thanks in advance!
  10. casi parece una oferta de trabajo real y todo
  11. MTA sacó su propia función: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Sha256 Usa esa y no te hará falta el módulo. Creo que en paradise sólo se usa el sha en main.lua del players.
  12. Hello! I just wanted to ask about the download you make every time you enter the server. It is getting bigger in mine with the time and I wanted to know what does it consist of in order to decrease it. I suspect it is just the elements in the game (vehicles, maps and such) but probably there are more things I'm missing. Thanks in advance!
  13. The idea is quite easy to understand (honestly, no idea about the difficulty for the developers, or if it was already suggested/planned); basically consists in adding another tab in the server browser with the servers in the language of the client's configuration. Probably the servers could have a setting in the mtaserver.conf to specify their language. Another point of it could be letting the client choose which languages he wants to see, in case the player is bilingual or whatever. This way a new player to the platform could find easily somewhere to play and won't have to filter th
  14. I think MTA is okey the way it is. Anyone that wants should be able to open a server and get it equally "findable" as the rest. Those 0 player servers, just having the owner and getting some of his friends to play MTA, gives this mod new players. Everything contributes. You will still have the searcher to find servers by your language or the gamemode you want, also ordering by people playing on it. I don't see the trouble of all this.
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