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  1. Same as it Ever Was, Keep up the Good Work Once I catch the DM Patch on Site news, I'll be calling some guys to peep some servers with me
  2. Pic0o


    I just took some Recent Pc Shots. Amd XP 2600+ @ 175 FSB 1GB Corsair 3200 Leadtek 6800LE w/ Unlocked +8 Pipelines Asus A7n8x Single Danger Den Maze3 Block on my CPU OCAU Entry
  3. It's like when your're in the Car on a Road Trip that takes 5 hours, and 3 hours in, you ask the Driver / Passenger when you'll be there. I Guess there is comfort in redundancy Lookin forward to Open Beta Testing, Like every other release of MTA, all other games fall off the map round that Season
  4. Turf Wars type play would be sweet. If the Style is like Gangsters 2, and possibly did a Dominant Color on your map, that'd be the Bomb Shiz
  5. home servers with less than 25mbps of dedicated bandwidth = kaput Thanks for Getting the Point, and setting the Bar. More testing / Time before I dog my Friends Dedi Box w/ IRC Scripts and excess Cycles.
  6. Very Nice. Once I get home, I'll update my Server Config, and Drop you a line if still looking for some Stat Track assistants. Heading out of town on Monday, so the Dedi home Server should be pretty decent, as my GF does not DL much these days
  7. While the extra layer of anti-cheating is nice, I think the least attractive / Effective method is this Blurb of verifying Peoples XP Keys. Here is why (Some Already Mentioned): A. Not many people are Cool with thier Os Key being Scanned and Sent to someone else's Server. B. Said server, may gather a Large list of XP or other OS Keys (and that's silly, also prolly Warez land) C. Many Warez copies of XP Float around, thus aqs mentioned, Tommy Mods getting banned, also takes out all of your friends in Georgia Like Ae said, if there is going to be an Email Authen setup for Playing MTA, I could easiely see it blowing new Players off, Email servers being overused and exploited (Hi Signup Bot), and prolly a few other layers of discomfort. Keep in mind while locking down modders is nice, you need to lookout for the End user connecting to your Server too, as they don't want to jump thru loops to get a Few Frags in. The MAC Addy ban sounds best so far. As mentioned, yes, people can spoof thier MAC, but how many modders will Know how to do so / go thru the hassle of doing so, just to be a modding whore? For that rare case, I'd just ban the subnet for a night or 2. Good Luck on the Anti-Cheat Magic, just keep the Players in mind, and try to respect thier registry as much as possible.
  8. Sync = More Fun. Less Variables for people to Cry about, and you could accurately Aim for peoples heads, and in Theory, kill them w/ Dome shots. I Don't Recal if the Characters in MTA are Point Sensitive (Head Shot = More Dmg then Foot Shot) but having more Sync is always Fun. It's kinda like asking would you rather have a 10 Person LAN, or 10 people playing off a Dedicated 128k Cable Server, IMO. Sync Powa
  9. I Switched a few sites from phpbb to Ibp and never looked back. The Sub-Forum ability and user management won me over. Also, since the whole wave of phpbb exploitation that went down a few weeks ago, that was another reason to stick with what I have as Ipb Boards And Yes, the new Pay to use, does Suck.
  10. Edit Post Works Well, as does the Gans Forum. I Missed your Revolution, Sorry.
  11. Pic0o


    Port Blocked? Webserver From Home?
  12. For All the 'Omgz, The Coders Cheat' Folks, Please quit trying to crawl up People's Booty Holes for a Better View. Of Course a Coder is going to Expose more stuff then a Base end User. Anywho, Point being, don't Cry Cheat, sometimes, Glitches are called Development. Know you Place, Give some Props where they are due for the Current and Future state of MTA, and have a Peachy Holiday.
  13. Pic0o

    MTA:VC crashing

    Guess I'm one of the Few, since I have yet to Crash to Desktop. (Excluding Car Bomb Exploits @ Partyserver)
  14. Coldstone Also made a Very nice Modpack, Car and such Equiped, Super Easy to Install. Just click the Link in my Sig to Peep the Review.
  15. Be Sure to Pimp Hover Cars in Blue and more X-mas night before Sleep Spam I Miss the Golf Club and Cart in Stunt
  16. Good luck on the Hosting I'll be doing more Testing w/ Getserved.net. after the new year. I'll ask my Buddy what his Bw was w/ the Old Server. (Prior to Scripts)
  17. Dirty Nice I Can't wait to get some Mod Server Action Going
  18. I had a Dedi off my LAN for a Week or 2 up, and the GTA3 got a good amount of player in, for only being a 256k Line. I hope to have a nice GTA3 and VC Server up after I Move, and such, shortly after the New year. (20+ Player, Testing for a Buddies Hosting Company)
  19. Here are some Codecs, and a Link for Gspot. Gspot is very handy for finding out what a video was Encoded in, and what Codecs you need. Enjoy.
  20. If you get an Error Dialog Box, Alt+Print Screen will copy the active Window. Save that as an Image, and Try to Attach the Box. Else, Write the Error down, and Post it here, as your OP, looks like Drunken Babelfish, and gives me no insight on the Error Good Luck, more Info should help you get fixed up
  21. Best of Luck, and once I Move, I'd be more then Happy to help Test out the Stats. If the Tracking is similar to the Dusty MTA Stats, I could see that Database Eating alot of HD Space, @ a Fairly Rapid Rate. (Depending on the Update Intervals, Amount of Servers Tracked, Info Logged, Ect.)
  22. From what I can pick up, you want to have a Master Server that keeps Weapon, Nic, Frags, Ect. Sounds good to me as long it sends that info swiftly. Also, I'm thinking that would be a Big Database. Would you be running a Dedi SQL Box for the info storage?
  23. Surely the whole purpose of deathmatch is to fight? No Doubt. Seriously Tho, on a Cheater Note, If they are Keen to change thier Ip via Simple Means (DHCP on thier ISP Type), I used to ban Subnets if the cheating got too heavy, and yes, some people would be banned for no Reason, but if they posted on the Board, and I didn't see a Direct Reason for them to Be banned, I'd Edit the Wildcard Ban Accordingly. As for more Involved IP Changing or Spoofing, that's on the as-needed, and I find, most cheaters aren't that annoyingly bound to modding in the same server (as they should have better things to do w/ spoofing, besides be a cheater). Anywho, Good Luck w/ the Police Thing. As for Giving my Admin access to a Group to Distruibute for 'Cheat-Cleaning", I'd rather give some people I Met Admin Access, that way you know who has access, and who will do the Job when needed. A Group of people w/ Admin Access sounds like an Admin Clan, and in Any clan, you get Lamers occasionally, who can Ruin shit for all the Others in the Clan. A Clan of Police-Admins Sounds way too potencial for Abuse, IMO. Happy Holidays
  24. Looking @ the MTAMA Ban List, it does not seem to be Linked Anywhere, just locally stored. Is there an Archive list of Evil Players? I Understand some cheaters can spoof thier IP, DHCP Changes, Ect, but the amount that actually do is fairly low, as being that dedicated to cheating is kinda Rare (Imo). Having a head start on known asshats might make Admistration a little Easier, and of course, you could Remove any IP's or Subnets you like @ your Lesure.
  25. Another mirror if you Like. http://www.funtimebliss.com/modules.php ... load&sid=5 Long PostNuke Fun, but Functional
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